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10 quick tech life hacks

10 quick tech life hacks

10 quick tech life hacks

Life hacks are extremely popular these days. They accompany the guarantee to make your life simpler and increasingly beneficial. At times these life hacks work too well and knock our socks off. Different occasions they just don’t work or they are too perplexing to even consider doing in a short measure of time which nullifies the point of a hack.

Here are 10 tech-related hacks that rush to get a handle on, and can make life increasingly profitable or at any rate spare you a couple of moments:

Delay a video on Youtube

To delay a YouTube video, essentially press “K” on your console. Squeezing “K” again will play it once more. To skirt the video forward 10 seconds press “L” and press “J” to rewind 10 seconds.


Youtube TV

View a YouTube video as though it’s being on a TV (without the entirety of the standard interruption on the YouTube site like remarks) by going to:


NotePad Transformation

In the event that you need to write down a brisk note while utilizing your Internet program, essentially type “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the location bar and it will open up a transitory scratch pad.


Erase online record

Do you have an online record that you never again need yet don’t have the foggiest idea how to dispose of? Locales like, or tell you the best way to erase an undesirable record bit by bit.


Video to GIF

Have you seen an interesting video on YouTube that you need to transform into a GIF? Essentially type in “gif” before “” and you can make a GIF of any piece of the video you’ve picked.


Battery drop test energized

On the off chance that you don’t have a clue whether a battery is charged, basically drop it on a hard surface! Batteries that never again have full power or on out, will skip a great deal while completely energized batteries will basically bob once or stop totally.


Low Printer Ink

Running truly low on printer ink however need that archive at this moment? Change the text style shading to #010101 which is 99% dark. It is likewise said that specific textual styles take up less ink than others. For instance, Century Gothic takes up less ink than Arial. Different text styles that have low ink utilization incorporate Times New Roman and Calibri. There is even a text style called Ecofont with small openings punched into the characters to diminish ink wastage while as yet looking after clarity.


Earphones jack

In the event that you don’t have an amplifier, just attachment your ear-or earphones into the receiver jack (on the off chance that you have one) and start talking. No receiver required!


Play Old Fashioned Games

You can play old fashioned games like Tetris, Snake, Pong and more on your Mac. Here’s the manner by which:


Console move spacebar page up

To look down a website page, hit Spacebar. To look back up, hold in the Shift fasten and afterward tap Spacebar.

On the off chance that you need to zoom a page in on a page press “Ctrl” and “+” (on a Mac it is “Direction” and “+”). In the event that you need to zoom out once more, press “Ctrl” and “– ” (“Command” and “- ” for Mac Users).

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