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13 Tech Life Hacks That Only A Few Know

13 Tech Life Hacks That Only A Few Know

13 Tech Life Hacks That Only A Few Know

Realize the best time to pee during a motion picture

This one is out and out clever… Download the RunPee application to your iOS, Android, or Windows gadget, and it’ll reveal to you the best time to go to the washroom while observing any film so you won’t miss an astonishing scene or plot contort.


Locate the least expensive spot to stream a motion picture from

For those of you who are link cutters, you’ll love this site: CanIStream.It reveals to you where any motion picture is accessible to stream – and at the least value as well.


No web? Play a game

At the point when your web association goes out and the Google Chrome program gives you a blunder page, press the spacebar to begin a T-Rex game. In any event you won’t be exhausted while you stand by to get online once more. In the event that you discover your web returns and destroys your game, no compelling reason to stress, you can carry on online here.


Google can assist you with considering

At whatever point you have to read for a significant test in school or secondary school, simply google “site:edu [subject] test”, and afterward you’ll get connections to huge amounts of test tests with arrangements and everything.

Here’s a model:

Google search this careful expression: site:edu python test

This is the thing that Google will surface.

Snap one of the top connections, for example, this one, to see a training test.


Convert Wiki pages into books

You can render any Wikipedia page electronically in PDF, ZIM or OpenDocument design, or requested as a printed book. This page tells you the best way to make a book from Wikipedia articles in four stages.


Use Google to discover your Android

Google offers an Android gadget chief that gives you a chance to locate a lost or taken gadget, yet you can likewise Google “discover my telephone” to find your Android gadget. Simply recall you should be signed into the Google record related with your Android.


Content cell phones through email

Try not to claim a cell phone? Indeed, that is bizarre.

In any case, anywho, you can even now message cell phones from your work area. All you need is an email account and an individual’s telephone number and bearer data. From that point, go through this site to look the email address related with their transporter. Simply make certain to add their telephone number to the location, and afterward you’ll have an email address for them that you can send writings to from your work area.


Get coupon codes with Honey

Download the Honey extra augmentation to your Chrome program to in a split second start setting aside cash. It consequently applies coupon codes during checkout at any online retailer. Woohoo!


Get a good deal on Amazon with CamelCamelCamel

Here’s another cash sparing tip: If you use Amazon a great deal, ensure you start exploiting a site called It tracks items for you and alarms you when costs drop. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to check in the case of something that is marked down is really a decent cost or whether it’s been less expensive previously.


Convert YouTube recordings to GIFs

Need to change over any YouTube video into a GIF? Simply include gif before youtube in the URL interface in your location bar. Here’s a model:

Unique video –

GIF download –


Check whether your email is engaged with an information rupture

Once more, we love security tips. We’re certain you do as well. There’s a splendid site known as This site basically screens your email address to caution you if and when it is undermined in an information rupture. This works reflectively as well.

Any openly uncovered hack that incorporates your email address will be featured with this instrument. On the off chance that you check it and discover your email in any of the rundowns, we’d exceptionally suggest changing your passwords and utilizing a secret key director to keep things secure in future.


Effectively close any online record

It’s occasionally overly irritating to close online records, as administrations will cover the choice under settings and help menus. All things considered, make proper acquaintance with a site called It gives bit by bit controls on the most proficient method to erase online records from well known sites easily.


Locate the ideal username

Need to check whether a username is taken or accessible on prominent locales? Simply use It even checks area names.




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