How to Change Xiaomi Redmi Phones Dialerpad Background Color | Without Root

redmi dialed background change

Xiaomi users now enjoy Google Phone APK on any Android device and you do not need root.
The official Google dialer has been ported to work on all Xiaomi device.
Get the latest Google Dialer APK now!

Have you ever noticed how fast stock Android is? All the apps are so blazing fast.
The entire experience is smooth when compared to other versions of Android from Samsung .
The reason is that Stock Android is what Google intended Android to be.
Manufacturers get the Android from Google and add many features to it before shipping it to customers.
The customization comes at a cost of performance. The phone eventually becomes slow.
Google Dialer APK is available for all Redmi devices now. Root is not needed!


1.First we need to Download Google Apk On Xiaomi Phones Link Down below

2.Then Open and installed it open the settings section go to the installed apps select system apps

4.finally go to caller option and select default app Dailer .


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