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How to Install Google Camera (GCam) on Redmi Note 7



google camera

Google Camera Mod is the best thing that has happened to spending plan cell phone photography as of late. The main issue with the Google Camera Mod or GCam is that it doesn’t work with every one of the gadgets. It is particularly elusive the reasonable GCam mod for Redmi gadgets like the most recent Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro. And keeping in mind that there is an approach to introduce GCam on any Android gadget, the procedure is more perplexing and not implied for everybody. That is the reason we are dependably watchful for modded GCam APKs which make the establishment procedure simple.

We normally test numerous GCam mods from various engineers, and we have at last discovered the GCam mod most appropriate for the Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro. Best of all, since these gadgets previously accompany an empowered Camera2 API, you don’t need to attach them to utilize the GCam mod. Along these lines, on the off chance that you possess a Redmi Note 7 or Note 7 Pro here is the manner by which you can introduce the Gcam mod on your gadget.

Introduce Google Camera (GCam) on the Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro

  1. Download the GCam APK and open the APK record. The gadget may request your authorization as you are introducing an outsider application outside the Play store. Simply tap on Settings and allow the consent.
  2. Return and tap on the introduce catch. After the establishment procedure, click on the Open catch to dispatch the application.

On the Redmi Note 7, the GCam works immaculately. Both the Portrait Mode and Night Sight work without messing the default settings. Just moderate movement doesn’t work at present, which might be fixed in up and coming days. Nonetheless, on the Redmi Note 7 Pro, there is a slight issue with immersion as the pictures delivered have washed out hues. In any case, don’t stress as that issue can be effectively fixed.

Fixing Saturation Issues of GCam on Redmi Note 7 Pro

  1. To fix this issue, simply head over to camera’s settings and open GCam settings. Look down and open Saturation changes.
  2. Here, change the default esteems to 2.0 and 2.4, for both front and back camera. At last, close the GCam application and re-dispatch it. Presently the GCam application will work with no issue on the Redmi Note 7 Pro.
  3. In the event that you wish to additionally modify the GCam, you can change the HDR+ mode to “HDR+ Enhanced” for increasingly fresh and point by point pictures. Likewise, there are a group of different choices in GCam settings like HDR+ improved in Portrait Mode, impairing zoom while taking pictures and more which you can change to show signs of improvement photographs.







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How To Change Icon Names On Android Homescreen




How To Change Icon Names On Android Homescreen

Android has been at the cutting edge of versatile working frameworks. When contrasted with other working frameworks for versatile, Android exhibits its client’s customization alternatives with extraordinary highlights. Android is perceived for giving its client’s unlimited highlights to customization.


Step by step instructions to Change Icon Names On Android Homescreen

On the off chance that you are an Android client, you will be recognizable that at whatever point another application is introduced, the OS of the versatile makes another symbol for the application. It is naturally made with the default symbol and name on the home screen. Application symbols assume a significant job to get it speedy section to the application. Be that as it may, would anyone be able to change the symbol names or the application symbol?

All things considered, yes. It is suitable to change the symbol’s names on the home screen of Android telephones. In any case, this can be conceivable just with the assistance of different applications. This article will direct you to the least complex and the most straightforward approach to change the names of symbols on Android telephones.

Coming up next are known to be the best technique to change the symbols without going inside and out.


1. Utilizing Quick Shortcut Maker

As the name proposes, QuickShortcutMaker encourages the clients to make an easy route for the introduced applications on the PC. The best part about the application is that the clients are given the opportunity to make home screen easy routes with custom names and symbols. We should investigate the last basic procedure.

  • Firstly, download the Quick Shortcut Maker on your android telephone.
  • Once it is introduced, you can see the application records that are being introduced on your telephone.
  • Now tap on the application that you need to change the name.
  • The data of the application will be appeared on your gadget and you will be given an alternative expressing, Change the Label.
  • After that, a spring up will show up on your screen and you should fill your ideal name for the application. At that point click despite OK.
  • Now a Create Option will be seen on your gadget to make an application alternate last route. When done, the positioning must be set to show the application in the application cabinet.

The procedure is finished and now you have your application with your ideal name on your gadget’s home screen.


2. Utilizing Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an ideal exhibition driven and exceptionally adaptable launcher. It offers its clients numerous highlights that permit the clients for symbol customization where they can alter the symbol’s names. How about we investigate the procedure.

  • Download Nova Launcher
  • A screen will show up where you will be indicated Select Backup. To proceed, the Next catch must be tapped.
  • You will be mentioned for the preset to be picked. Select the alternative, Dark or Light subject to continue.
  • You will be then solicited to pick the style from the cabinet. Select in like manner and continue.
  • After the Nova Launcher is fixed on your Android telephone, continue to the home screen. From that point select the symbol where you need to change the name and press long on it.
  • You will be demonstrated three choices Remove, Edit and App Info. To proceed with the procedure, the Edit must be tapped.
  • You will be mentioned to change the symbol name. Select your ideal name.

It’s finished. You have effectively changed the Icon name in another straightforward procedure. There are a lot more applications to change the Icon name out of which, the over two is known to be the most straightforward one.





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How to record a WhatsApp video call on Android (Tips&Tricks)




How to record a WhatsApp video call on Android (Tips&Tricks)

It can here and there be valuable to record WhatsApp video approaches Android, particularly during a meeting. In this article, we disclose how to do it, bit by bit. Try not to stress, it’s exceptionally straightforward.

Before you hurry to download an application to record your call, it is critical to respond to this inquiry. For sure, it would be a pity to be a casualty of legitimate procedures for your activity.

Know that in certain nations, case law enables a phone discussion to be recorded for conceivable use as proof. Obviously, it must be as per your question and should not encroach on principal rights and opportunities. Similarly as with a conventional call, you basically host to advise the other get-together of the chronicle of the discussion and the other party consents to it. In the event that you reject, you can’t record the video discussion.

Obviously, it is conceivable to record a discussion without needing to utilize it in a lawful circumstance. This can be for a meeting or a memory for instance.

Step by step instructions to record a WhatsApp video approach Android

To record a WhatsApp video approach Android, it is important to introduce an application. Android doesn’t locally offer the choice, be that as it may, a few makers locally offer the capacity to record the screen (with sound) of your Android cell phone. This is the situation with Huawei cell phones specifically. In the event that you don’t have such a choice, you should download an outer application.

To record a WhatsApp video approach Android, at that point adhere to these directions:

  1. Download MNML Screen Recorder from the Google Play Store. The application is accessible for nothing.
  2. Open the application, click on the three dabs at the upper right and select Settings.
  3. Snap on the chronicle part named Recording and enact Record Audio.

Remember to turn on the sound or you won’t get the sound of your discussion

Return to the application and snap on Record at the base right. A three-second counter starts before you start recording your screen (and sound), and an admonition message shows up demonstrating that the application will record everything that will be shown on the screen. Affirm and the chronicle will begin.

Remember to give the application consent to spare your screen

At that point open WhatsApp and call the get in touch with you need.

When the discussion is finished, click on the stop button (square shape) available from the speedy notice bar or open the MNML application and snap on Stop in the base right.

You have two choices to quit recording

Return to the MNML application. Your WhatsApp video discussion is shown. You can see it on your cell phone and offer it with your companions!








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Here’s how to remove ads on your Xiaomi smartphone




Here's how to remove ads on your Xiaomi smartphone

While Xiaomi makes extraordinary spending cell phones, a noteworthy worry for clients is the irritating advertisements in MIUI, the organization’s Android-based firmware.

Clients are regularly assaulted with special messages from pre-introduced applications, for example, Mi Browser, Mi Music, and Mi Video among others.

Nonetheless, there is a work-around to impair advertisements on your Xiaomi telephone running MIUI 10.

Here’s the manner by which you can do it.

Table of Contents

Step #1

To impair msa, ensure you are associated with the Internet before continuing.

Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Authorization and denial > and set msa to Off.

Sit tight for 10 seconds before you tap Revoke.

Presently, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad benefits Personalized promotion suggestions and set it to Off.

Step #2

Expel promotions from Mi File Manager in MIUI 10

In any case, you can have a cleaner experience by expelling promotions from Mi File Manager.

To begin, open Mi File Manager and tap the burger symbol on the upper left.

Presently, tap About > Recommendations and turn it Off.

In the event that you have application envelopes, tap the name of the organizer and after that debilitate Promoted applications.

Step #3

Expel advertisements from MIUI Cleaner and Mi Video

To expel advertisements from the MIUI Cleaner, open the MIUI Cleaner application and tap the brush symbol on the upper right.

Presently, tap the apparatus symbol on the upper right and mood killer Receive suggestions.

To expel advertisements from the Mi Video application, open Mi Video and tap on Account >Settings and afterward set Online suggestions to Off.

Further, set Push notices to Off.

Step #4

Expel advertisements from Mi Browser, Mi Security, and Mi Music

To expel advertisements in Mi Security, go to Settings > System application settings > Security > Receive suggestions Off.

For Mi Music, go to Settings > System application settings > Music > Receive suggestions Off.

For Mi Browser, go to Settings > System application settings > Browser > Privacy and security > Recommended for you > Off.

To totally expel advertisements from Mi Browser, go to Settings > System application settings > Browser > Advanced > Set begin page > and set it to your favored landing page.






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