Over 10 Million Users Have Downloaded a Fake, Money-Grabbing ‘Updates for Samsung’ App

Over 10 Million Users Have Downloaded a Fake, Money-Grabbing 'Updates for Samsung' App

A phone application called “Updates for Samsung” that guarantees Android firmware updates has been spotted on Google Play. The web based posting affirms that more than 10 million clients have just introduced the sham application, however an enormous number of clients have asserted that it’s simply a “forceful advertisement conveyance stage.” A Medium post by digital security firm CSIS Security Group has additionally underlined that the application records informal firmware updates and significantly doesn’t utilize Google Play memberships to charge cash for the update bundles.

The Updates for Samsung application abuses clients by diverting them to an advertisement ranch. That charges them cash for downloading firmware refreshes, CSIS Security Group noted in its Medium post. Numerous clients in their audits on the Google Play posting. Referenced that regardless of making installments, they couldn’t download the firmware bundles. Comparative was the situation with the CSIS Security group that couldn’t complete the downloads at the season of testing the application.


The application likewise claims to give clients a chance to open their. SIM cards for any administrator by paying $19.99 (generally Rs. 1,400). Be that as it may, it handles the exchange for the SIM open administration through a casual source. Not by means of Google Play memberships.

At the season of documenting this story, the Updates for Samsung application was as yet accessible for download through Google Play. Clients are, notwithstanding, prescribed to utilize the formal hotspot for downloading firmware refreshes – rather than depending on an informal source. Samsung, much the same as other Android OEMs, gives a local alternative to download programming refreshes by heading off to the settings menu.






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