Pk Film Movie Maker trialer Application For Android


PK Film : Movie Maker is one of the best apps to create mini movies on the basis of your favorite movie theme whether its Bollywood or Hollywood in just few minutes, just select your theme, enter movie name and subtitle, select photos from gallery and save your movie That’s it! Your movie is ready to share where ever you want.


Features :-

💥 Make high quality movies based on your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movie.
💥 Editable Movie Title, Subtitle, with director name too.
💥 Editable Movie punchlines or dialogues.
💥 Customized font selection.
💥 Set Audio fulfill your effect requirement.
💥 Multiple image selection for making your movie of your choice.
💥 Fast creation of your movie.
💥 View your created movies.
💥 Share your movies at any social media or with your friends and family.

 Countless themes :-

💥 Hollywood and Bollywood themes.
💥 Action movie theme.
💥 Comedy movie theme.
💥 Romantic movie theme.
💥 Cartoon movie theme.
💥 Horror movie theme.
💥 Historical movie theme.





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