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How to manage your profile on WhatsApp



How to manage your profile on WhatsApp

Did you realize that WhatsApp gives clients a choice to deal with their profiles? The texting stage enables clients to put certain data about themselves that may assist different clients with knowing progressively about them. On the in addition to side, it isn’t as much as what internet based life stages including Facebook and Instagram require, two it isn’t obligatory to keep up your profile on WhatsApp. The profile on informing stage WhatsApp incorporates ‘profile photograph’, ‘name’, ‘about’ and ‘status’. Here is a bit by bit direct on the most proficient method to set your profile:


Profile photograph

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap on three dab symbol one the privilege
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on profile photograph symbol on the top
  5. Tap on camera symbol
  6. Pick between Gallery or Camera application to choose a previously clicked picture or snap another one separately
  7. You can likewise erase the image you chosen by tapping on the camera symbol and tapping on erase



  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap on three spot symbol one the privilege
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on profile photograph symbol on the top
  5. Tap on pencil symbol beside name to alter
  6. Remarkably, this name will appear to WhatsApp clients who don’t have your contact spared in their handset’s contacts list. WhatsApp enables you to enter a name up to 24 characters including emoticons for name



  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap on three dab symbol one the privilege
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on profile photograph symbol on the top
  5. Tap on pencil symbol by going to alter
  6. WhatsApp gives you a rundown of preset choices that you can look over, for example, accessible, occupied, at work, in a gathering, earnest calls just, and so on. Be that as it may, it isn’t compulsory to pick between them as there is a choice to compose something of your up to 135 characters including emoticons.



  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Status screen
  3. Tap on Status symbol
  4. This will open the camera application
  5. You can either take another photograph or record another video. Then again, you can choose a current one from the picker at the base of the screen





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How to disable or limit Cortana




How to disable or limit Cortana

Cortana at first made its presentation on Windows Phones in 2014. It advanced into Windows 10 every year later. This virtual individual aide from Windows, notwithstanding giving voice help, can help you to remember occasions planned for your schedule or even quest your gadget for a specific thing that you are searching for.


The most effective method to handicap or restrict Cortana

The capacities Cortana is fit for performing is wide and fluctuated. Be that as it may, the drawback of this is so as to guarantee a consistent encounter, your inclinations and information is gathered and put away by Microsoft.


Handicapping Cortana

Getting to ‘Settings’ and looking through your alternatives will show a straightforward on/off slide bar at the highest priority on the rundown. Changing the bar to off is sufficient to incapacitate Cortana.

Be that as it may, this won’t erase the information that Cortana has about you. When or on the off chance that you switch Cortana back on. Cortana will at present recall the entirety of your inclinations and will react in adherence to it. Crippling Cortana will have no impact on your Windows search choice. You will even now have the option to discover anything that you were searching for as our forefathers would have done it, along these lines your information security will likewise be improved.

On the off chance that the idea of Cortana sparing your information makes you awkward, you can visit the connection under “What Cortana thinks about me” which will divert you to a site page that will let you erase whatever information Cortana has about you.


Debilitating “Hello Cortana”

At the point when Windows 10 is got to just because. Cortana will react to “Hello, Cortana” as a matter of course. You can handicap this on the off chance that you wish to in part debilitate Cortana yet at the same time leave the voice collaborator working to help with look and to assist with looking through the web.

Causing Windows 10 to be in a state to consistently react to “Hello, Cortana” will be a colossal channel on the battery of your workstation. Furthermore, in the event that you happen to utilize a workstation without a mic, this is of no utilization.


Restricting the elements of Cortana

Restricting the entrance and elements of Cortana without encroaching. On your Windows 10 experience should likewise be possible by visiting Cortana Home, and from that point to Cortana’s settings. 

To become familiar with how Cortana forms information, you can visit the Permissions and History area. You can do the accompanying from here:

1) Change how Cortana forms cloud information.

2) View everything Cortana has done before.

3) Set confinements for a particular Windows gadget.

4) Limit the information that Cortana will have the option to gather from other Microsoft administrations or applications.


The most effective method to bring Cortana back

1) Visit Cortana home.

2) Go to Notebook.

3) Select settings.

4) Select On.

In the event that Cortana has been covered up, you may check on the off chance that you have chosen to see Cortana and search box by right-tapping the taskbar.


Cortana’s Notebook

On the off chance that you start to feel Cortana can’t furnish you with customizing help, giving more data in the Notebook will assist you with having a Windows 10 encounter that is customized to satisfy your preference for music, transportation, nourishment and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Scratch pad is the focal area from which Cortana gets to the data it needs to make your experience all the more improving. What’s more, in the event that you are as yet awkward about Microsoft being in control of the entirety of our information, you can return and erase the data at whatever point you wish to do as such.

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How to reverse search images on Android devices using Google




How to reverse search images on Android devices using Google

Turn around looking through a picture when you are perusing on your work area is genuinely snappy and simple, visit, click on the little camera symbol and glue the URL or select the picture from your PC that you wish to scan for and you will have the subtleties and comparative pictures with you in a jiffy.


The most effective method to invert search pictures on Android gadgets utilizing Google

Something very similar should be possible on an Android gadget yet the manner in which you need to go about it is somewhat extraordinary. The guidelines with respect to how to do this are given underneath:



You don’t need to download a picture or have it on your telephone so as to scan for it on Google. In the event that you run over a picture when you are perusing through the Google Chrome application, and on the off chance that you wish to look for the picture, you should simply tap on the picture and hang on the picture, a menu with different alternatives will spring up from which you can choose “Quest Google for this picture.”

The guidelines have been rattled off bit by bit last underneath:

1) Tap on the Chrome symbol and dispatch the last application.

2) Tap on the picture you wish to scan for and despite clutch it.

3) Select “Quest Google for this picture” from the choices that show up in the spring up box.

On the off chance that you have a picture in your exhibition that you wish despite to look for, you should utilize an alternate instrument to take care of business. Access the URL and tap on the “Transfer Picture” alternative and select “Document.” After this, you will have the option last to choose from the pictures accessible in your display. After this, you should choose the alternative “Show Matches.”

An entirely striking component to remember is the choice of snapping a photo with your camera and turn around looking through that as opposed to picking a picture that is as of now on your gadget.

1) Visit the url:

2) Select the alternative “Transfer Picture.”

3) From the alternatives that are accessible, select “Record.”

4) Select the picture you wish to scan despite for from the display.

5) Select “Show Matches.”


Search by picture

On the off chance that you frequently end up invert looking through pictures on your Android gadget, getting a committed application that does it for you is a decent method to spare your time. One of the applications that are on the front line with regards to encouraging this element is last Search By Image, which works in a path like

1) Go to Play Store and download the “Search by picture” application from it.

2) In the base right corner, you will discover a + symbol, despite tap on this.

3) Tap on “Picture Gallery”

4) Select a picture from the exhibition.

5) Click on the pursuit button which can be found at last the base of the screen.

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How to set a default texting app on Android




How to set a default texting app on Android

Google thought of the alternative of changing your default messaging application in 2014, they additionally upheld this standard on other telephone creators also, comfort and security were boss among the purposes behind this choice yet the choice of having a messaging application that was not the same as the one on your telephone was the significant point.


The most effective method to set a default messaging application on Android

It is a typical misinterpretation that all Android gadgets are made the equivalent and that it is simply an issue of picking the least expensive conceivable one, for example, the form of Android that can be found on Samsung gadgets is a variation of the customary Android gadget with patches applied over it.

The customary Google adaptation can be found in Nexus and Pixel telephones and the Samsung last form which can be found on the Galaxy telephones. The bit by bit control depicting how to change your default despite messaging application in every one can be found beneath.


1) Changing the messaging application on Google’s variant of Android

The beneath walkthrough can be utilized to change the default messaging last application on a Nexus or a Pixel.

In spite of the fact that this depends on the procedure to pursue for Android 8.1, this can be applied to past and future forms also.

a) The initial step is to download a messaging application, for instance, Textra.

b) Swipe down on the warning despite shade.

c) Access the settings menu

d) Click on Apps and Notifications.

e) Click on Advanced despite to grow this segment

f) Select Default applications

g) Choose the SMS last application

h) Select New default SMS/messaging application.


2) Changing the messaging application on Samsung’s rendition of Android

The default messaging application on a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8 can be changed in a totally unique piece of the settings. 

a) Download a messaging application like Textra or one of the numerous last others accessible.

b) Swipe down on the warning shade.

c) Access the settings menu

d) Select Apps

e) Tap on the three-spot menu on despite upper right of the screen

f) Select Default applications.

g) Choose Messaging applications.

h) Choose the informing application you wish to change to,

I) Confirm your decision by choosing OK.

Most SMS applications will hit you with a brief asking you whether you wish to make the application your default informing application on opening it just because. In any case, there are special cases to the case. For instance, Facebook Messenger, certain applications don’t gives last a brief once you have at first expelled it.


The means to follow so as to change the default informing application for other telephone makers are typically varieties of similar guidelines that have been given previously. Various makers will embrace various strategies to change the default messaging application on their telephones. So it is easy so go ahead and try it. Just follow steps.

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