Apex Legends patch 3.1 out; introduces Duos mode

Apex Legends patch 3.1 out; introduces Duos mode

There’s another Apex Legends fix 3.1 out which presents a great deal of new highlights. Also, one of the prime highlights is something the players were sitting tight for some time. Furthermore, that is the new Duos mode, however it appears as though the mode isn’t perpetual. The fix notes notice that the new mode will be accessible from November 5 to 19. The other new component presented is the Firing Range. This is basically a spot to practice and evaluate every one of the weapons in the game. Other than these there are some different changes in the game also referenced in the fix notes.



From the hall you would now be able to choose the terminating range. Here you can work on playing around with every one of the weapons, things, and Legends.

– Can enter the terminating extent solo or with your squad.

– You can change to any Legend and utilize their capacities and ultimates.

– All plunder things are accessible to play with including weapons, connections, and hopups.

– Target DUMMIES accessible to rehearse those headshots.

– Future upgrades to come! If you don’t mind give us your input.




– Reduced the headshot multiplier: 2.15 – > 2.1

Changes to Projectile Collision: We’ve expand the shot width on the a few weapons so they are simpler to hit with. We rolled out this improvement to the TripleTake in Season 2 and the accompanying will be refreshed for this fix:

– Shotguns: All shotguns will have shots with a modest quantity of width.


– Snipers: The Longbow DMR, Kraber, and G7 Scout.


Personal satisfaction

– with an end goal to surface simpler difficulties to players all the more regularly and offer a fair arrangement of difficulties every day, Daily Challenge dispersion has been balanced so players are ensured to get 1 simple, 1 medium, and 1 hard challenge.

– You would now be able to spend Legend Tokens to reroll Daily Challenges.

– First reroll: 200 Legend Tokens

– Second reroll: 500 Legend Tokens

– Third or more reroll: 1000 Legend Tokens for each reroll.

– Cost increments with each buy before topping out at 1000 Legend Tokens.

– Cost resets each day

– You would now be able to alter the game cursor speed in Settings – > Controller. This will apply to cursor speed in all menus including the Lobby, Pause/Inventory menus, and Death Box inventories.

– We currently give you what Music Pack you have chosen while dropping into the guide. On the off chance that you just have the “default” Pack chosen you won’t see anything.

– Improved stream from Lobby to Match that fixes some minor bugs and will ideally get players into matches somewhat quicker.

– Disabling pregame generating of players before character determination. This will address situations where players may hear somebody voice comms or different sounds before the Legend determination begins.

– The “Hanging tight for Players… ” progress currently shows the game world rather than a dark screen.

– Removed the 5 second commencement that would begin toward the start of Legend determination.

– Player will presently have the option to see the ammunition sorts of their squadmates prepared weapons when in the stock menu.



– RANKED MODE: Players will never again get a punishment for relinquishing a match on the off chance that they leave following 2 and a half minutes have gone since their Banner was grabbed subsequent to biting the dust. As an update: players will be cautioned by means of the menus if their leaving may trigger surrender punishments; if the admonition doesn’t show up players are allowed to leave.

– [Controller] you would now be able to open the jest wheel by holding down on the dpad (you can in any case do it the old way – open ping menu and press Y)

– [PC] Quick Chat restricting should now auto tie to F1 in the event that it isn’t bound to anything (accepting nothing is now bound to F1)



  • Fixed a bug where players would remain set up while the train continues moving when restoring another player.
  • Updated the design of the minimap that was formerly demonstrating a course that doesn’t exist.
  • Resolved situations where players could drop into Out of Bounds zones without getting the clock.
  • Fixed instances of certain zones where players could take magma harm close to the Volcano when there isn’t any magma.
  • Fixed presentation issue with post game where it would show you gaining 2 fight leave levels for leveling behind through Stars.




– EMP now will harm shield that players have dropped.

– Fixed a bug where Lifeline’s automaton couldn’t mend Crypto while he was in the automaton.

– Fix for benevolent Caustic gas showing Crypto out of his automaton.


– Fixed bug where some of the time the rockets from Bangalore’s Ultimate would vanish in the wake of arriving on the train.






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