Jagananna thodu application

The government has issued loans – directives and guidelines – to lenders to zero-serving small traders

To alleviate the financial hardships of small traders and people engaged in traditional handicrafts, a scheme called Jaganna Todu is being implemented to provide financial assistance up to Rs. 10000 / -. They can access the facility when they need it.

People engaged in small business in the roadside / public area / footpath / private area.

1. Anyone less than 5 x 5Sft is under construction
2. Mobile hawker / push cart / street vendors
3. Mobile Vendor: Who handles sales activities by moving from one place to another through a wheel cart, bicycle, mobile vehicle city.

4. Stationery Vendors: Conducts sales activities in specific locations (pavement, public and private areas)
5. Peripatetic vendors: carry out sales activities with a small basket on the shoulder or head and travel from one place to another.

Using traditional techniques or skills in traditional handicrafts, from traditional material or lace work, ornaments, etiquette toys, kondapallitoys, leather puppets, bobbili veena, brass handicrafts articles, etc. (list index)

Eligibility criteria

1. Must be above 18 years of age and have a monthly income of Rs. 10,000 / – and Rs. 12,000 / – for those with income in urban areas
2. The total land of the family should be 3 acres of wet land or 10 acres of dry land or 10 acres of wet and dry land.
3. Having an identity card – Aadhaar / Voter ID / ID card issued by government agencies
4. There should be no store (buildup) larger than 5X5Sqft


Application 1 :-  DOWNLOAD HERE

Application 2 :- DOWNLOAD HERE 

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