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3 steps to add a second monitor to your PC

3 steps to add a second monitor to your PC

3 steps to add a second monitor to your PC

Double or different screens set up in homes and organizations have become increasingly more prominent throughout the days. Double or numerous screens can be utilized to expand profitability by enabling the client to have various programs open simultaneously without exchanging between applications.

Setting up different screens, be that as it may, isn’t that direct an issue. It’s anything but a matter of simply stopping an additional screen or two in. A couple of things to be aware of before you put resources into an additional screen are learning if your PC can bolster additional screens, the quantity of yields that your designs card can bolster or the quantity of ports your PC has.


Stage 1: Check accessible ports

The primary thing you have to check before you go for another screen is verifying the sort of ports that are accessible on your PC or PC:

  1. a) HDMI
  2. b) DisplayPort
  3. c) DVI
  4. d) Thunderbolt
  5. e) VGA

Numerous PCs have more than one port, a closer assessment will enable you to decide the idea of the port. In the event that your PC has multiple ports on it, this implies the video card is equipped for sending a yield sign to both.

It is likewise workable for a work area to have more openings accessible for extra video cards. This implies regardless of whether your work area has just one port, it is conceivable that. Discover spaces accessible for another card on the off chance that you pop the spread on the back.

With regards to PCs, putting resources into a docking station which will expand your PC until it has at least two ports is additionally an alternative.


Stage 2: Check the Video Card Settings

On the off chance that you have two ports and they don’t work simultaneously. The following thing that you can do is decide whether your video card can show numerous screens. Fitting in both the screens, click on Start menu and afterward type Display. And afterward click on “Change show settings.” Click on Advanced showcase settings which will be accessible. And at the base of this window. You can see Display connector properties for each associated showcase. If your designs card perceives the quantity of screens that have been connected.

On the off chance that there is more than one appears, this implies your card is fit for showing various screens. In the event that you just observe one, this implies your video card is just ready to use each port in turn. In the event that the case is the last mentioned and you can’t appear to make double screens work, read ahead for a couple of more methods you can attempt.


Stage 3: Research your Graphics Card

On the off chance that despite everything you aren’t sure if your PC can bolster double screens, the following thing that you can do is inquire about the illustrations card. The initial step that you have to do is get familiar with your illustrations card.

Snap on Start and afterward type ‘show supervisors.’ Click on this and afterward extend Display connectors. Note down the brand and make of your designs connector.

Google the name pursued by multi-show or multi-screen and you will have the option to learn if your designs card underpins different screens.

You can design your screens by clicking Start and afterward composing Display Settings.





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