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30 Hidden Features of iOS 13 That You Should Check Out

30 Hidden Features of iOS 13 That You Should Check Out - 30 Hidden Features of iOS 13 That You Should Check Out - Telugu Tech World

iOS 13 is here and with it are a few astounding highlights. We’ve searched through the working framework to locate the best shrouded highlights in iOS 13. This rundown incorporates some entirely clever highlights, for example, the capacity to download huge applications on versatile information to OCR search in Apple’s Notes application. There are a lot of motivations to move up to iOS 13, and a portion of these shrouded highlights could push you to refresh in the event that you weren’t going to do so as of now.

Here are 30 of our preferred shrouded iOS 13 highlights:


1. Effectively switch Wi-Fi systems and Bluetooth gadgets

Open the Control Center, tap and hold Wi-Fi symbol to uncover a rundown of Wi-Fi systems. You can rapidly interface with a Wi-Fi system directly here as opposed to going by means of Settings. The equivalent applies to Bluetooth too — you can rapidly associate or disengage Bluetooth gadgets from here.


2. Quiet obscure guests

Tired of spam calls from telemarketers? You can rapidly quiet calls from obscure numbers by going to Settings > Phone, and empowering Silence Unknown Callers.


3. Download huge applications on portable information

Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and in the Mobile Data segment tap App Downloads. Presently select Always Allow in the event that you need to download all applications on portable information. Continuously Ask will check whether you need to download applications on versatile information, and Ask If Over 200MB will possibly check in the event that you need to download the application on portable information on the off chance that it is over 200MB.


4. Double SIM support for FaceTime and iMessage

You would now be able to utilize both your connected telephone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage, and take advantage of your double SIM iPhone.


5. Erase applications straightforwardly from the App Store

On the off chance that you see an application that is gotten a report on the App Store, you don’t need to go looking for it through different home screens to erase it. Open the App Store and tap your profile symbol on the upper right. Presently look down to the Updates segment > discover the application you need to erase > Swipe left and tap Delete.


6. Improved Silent Mode show

Flip the quiet switch on your iPhone, and you’ll see iOS 13 letting you know unobtrusively that you’ve flipped quiet mode on or off. This is vastly improved than the huge box that used to show up till iOS 12.


7. Consequently close Safari tabs

On the off chance that you have an issue with neglecting to close Safari tabs, simply go to Settings > Safari > Close Tabs. Presently you can choose any of After One Day, After One Week, and After One Month. Or on the other hand simply keep it at Manually and imagine you’re going to complete the process of understanding them all sometime in the not so distant future.


8. Spare open tabs in Safari as bookmarks

Think shutting your open Safari tabs is excessively extraordinary? Well you can spare them as bookmarks. Open Safari and Tap and hold the Bookmarks catch. Presently tap Add Bookmarks for (number) tabs. This will make a bookmark organizer for every one of these tabs. Name that envelope and tap Save.


9. Utilize a mouse with an iPhone or iPad

You can utilize a Bluetooth mouse with iOS gadgets now. Note that the Bluetooth mice that utilization a USB dongle to interface most likely won’t work. You’ll require the kind of Bluetooth mouse that doesn’t necessitate that dongle. On the off chance that you have that, you can match it by means of Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. Here you can match your iOS 13 gadget with a Bluetooth mouse.


10. Safari download administrator

In iOS 13, Safari gives you a chance to download documents and oversee them through a download director. Basically tap any connect to download a document and Safari will inquire as to whether you need to download it. Presently tap Download and you’ll see a Downloads symbol on the upper right. You can check the status of the download there. To change the download area, go to Settings > Safari > Downloads and select your favored goal. You can likewise tap Remove Download List Items and choose when you need to clear things from the download list on Safari.


11. Screen capture full page

You would now be able to take a long screen capture of a full site page actually rapidly. On the off chance that your iPhone or iPad has Face ID, tap control + volume up and in the event that it doesn’t tap control + home to take a screen capture. Presently tap the screen capture review on the base left, at that point tap Full Page. Presently tap Done and afterward Save PDF to Files. Tragically this doesn’t work with different programs or applications yet.


12. Spare screen captures to Files

You don’t need to spare screen captures to your photograph display any longer. You can spare it to the Files application, where it can either be in neighborhood stockpiling or a cloud administration of your decision. Take a screen capture on your iOS gadget, at that point tap the see, and afterward tap Done. Presently tap Save to Files and select where you need to spare the screen capture.


13. Significantly better Messages search

The hunt enclose Messages was rarely especially helpful. Presently that has transformed, it demonstrates valuable ongoing connections, contacts, and doesn’t take an age to indicate essential list items. Could you ask for anything better?


14. Verses synchronized with tunes on Apple Music

In the event that you use Apple Music, play any tune, tap the player to make it full-screen. Presently tap the Lyrics catch on the base left. This will play the verses and adjust them with the tune, which is truly cool.


15. Low information mode

There’s a new low information mode on iOS 13. Go to Settings > Mobile information > Mobile information alternatives. Here you can empower Low Data Mode to help applications diminish their versatile information utilization.


16. Streamlined battery charging

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Presently you’ll see that Optimized Battery Charging is empowered of course. This decreases battery maturing as your iOS gadget will presently become familiar with your charging routine and complete the process of charging past 80 percent just when you need it.


17. Picture OCR search in Notes

In the event that you spare a picture with content in the Notes application, OCR or optical character acknowledgment will kick in. Quest for content in the Notes application and important pictures will likewise show up now.


18. Add individuals to organizers in Notes

You would now be able to add individuals to explicit organizers made inside the Notes application. Open Notes and tap the three spots symbol on the upper right, at that point tap Select Notes. Presently select the notes you need to aggregate in an envelope and afterward tap Move To > New organizer. Presently you can make another organizer. And tap Folders on the page where you see every one of your notes, at that point open the organizer you need to share. Presently tap the three specks symbol on the upper right > Add individuals. You would now be able to impart it to whoever you need.

19. Sending emoticon is so a lot simpler

There’s presently a devoted emoticon catch on the iOS console. You can utilize it to rapidly send emoticon and the globe symbol is held for exchanging between consoles alone. Prior the globe symbol would have the two consoles and emoticon.


20. Pack, grow documents

iOS 13 presently supports compressing and unfastening documents. Simply move compress or tar records to the Files application on iOS. Tap the record and it’ll open. To pack records, open the Files application and tap and hold any document, at that point select Compress. To pack various documents without a moment’s delay you’ll need to choose them all, make another envelope, and afterward pursue similar advances.


21. Make organizers on your iOS gadget’s stockpiling

With iOS 13, in the event that you get to the “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad” nearby capacity drives by means of the Files application, you would now be able to make envelopes here. It’s a little yet valuable change. Simply tap and hold any vacant space and tap New Folder.


22. Zoom right in or out in Photos

Open the Photos application and go to the Photos tab. Presently you can squeeze to zoom in or out and rapidly peruse through your photographs.


23. Expel EXIF information from photographs

Open the photographs application and select the photographs you need to share. Presently tap the Options catch at the top. See the Include segment at the base. Here you can incapacitate All Photos Data and Location to strip EXIF information from your photographs before sharing.


24. Better area security settings

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Presently tap any application name and after that you’ll see another choice called Ask Next Time. This is a decent alternative to have on the off chance that you’re not prepared to cripple area access for any application for all time.


25. PS4 and Xbox One controller support

iOS 13 presently bolsters the authority PS4 and Xbox One controllers. You can combine these with your gadget to mess around that help controllers and there are a great deal of them. Simply note that the first Xbox One controller isn’t bolstered here, however the one that sent with Xbox One S and more up to date ones are upheld.


26. Application membership alerts when erasing applications

On the off chance that you have taken a membership for any application on the App Store, iOS 13 currently reminds you about your dynamic membership when you erase that application.


27. Books gets perusing objectives

Open the Books application and you’ll see another Reading Goals choice. Tap it, and afterward tap Adjust. Presently you can set your day by day perusing objective. Indeed, even five minutes of perusing a day is superior to nothing, so why not get a decent propensity.

28. Connections to Calendar

Open Calendar and include another occasion by tapping the + catch on the upper right. Presently look down and tap Add Attachment. This will enable you to join reports to your schedule occasion.


29. Three-finger tap twice to fix

iOS 13 has another fix highlight as well. You can at present shake your iOS gadget to fix certain things, yet in applications, for example, Notes you will have the option to tap with three fingers to open the cut, duplicate, glue menu. Do it twice and you fix.


30. Bluetooth protection setting

Go to Settings > Privacy, and you will see another menu here called Bluetooth. This exists to feature applications that utilization Bluetooth for something besides gushing sound. You can debilitate Bluetooth access for applications that needn’t bother with it, yet know this could incapacitate some extremely advantageous highlights.






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