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9 Tech Hacks That will Change Your Life

9 Tech Hacks That will Change Your Life

9 Tech Hacks That will Change Your Life

Use Google to set a clock

In the event that you have to monitor the clock or have an alert go off in some time to remind you to accomplish something, the Google’s there to help. Basically type “start a clock” into the web crawler to do only that.


Alter an online picture in MS Paint

In the event that you need to alter a picture in paint. Last you can duplicate it or spare it from the web. In any case, did you realize you can simply duplicate the picture URL and “open” it in Paint by gluing the URL straightforwardly into the filename confine the open window? This will spare a couple of moments of tweaking without a doubt.


Lift your tunes

On the off chance that your cell phone’s speakers aren’t acceptable or you need somewhat. And more volume to your morning caution to assist you with getting up, at that point here’s a simple arrangement. Pop your telephone in a cup and that will demonstration to improve the sound giving you the impression of more volume.


Transform an old telephone into a dashcam

On the off chance that you have an old telephone simply lying around social occasion dust, at that point you could put it to more readily use by utilizing it as a dashcam. With a decent charging link, screen mount and a committed dashcam application you can make a splendid dashcam gadget for almost no cash. See an incredible guide here.


Fix pretty much everything with Sugru

On the off chance that you have a fraying force link that needs some affection and care, at that point Sugru is the appropriate response. This Play-Doh-esquemouldable paste that can be utilized for an assortment of fixes including covering wires. There are a lot of different uses for Sugru as well, in the case of fixing or improving family things. We’d profoundly suggest examining the rundown of thoughts.


Transform your old telephone into a surveillance camera

Much like the hack for transforming neglected telephones into Dashcams, you can likewise utilize an old telephone as a savvy home camera elective. With a straightforward application called Manything, you can put the old gadget to new utilize. CNET has a full instructional exercise on the best way to do this.


Make a WiFi QR code for your visitors

This hack is a two-advance procedure, however it merits doing. Before the end, you’ll never need to give out your WiFi secret word again. To begin with, visit this site and use it to make an interesting QR code dependent on your system subtleties. At that point visit Etsy for a QR code cross join to truly add a dash of class to the entire thing. Mounted in a casing, it’ll be something uncommon without a doubt.


TP move link coordinator

Each tech lover has a draw, box or pack brimming with links some place in the house. In any case, how regularly do these links simply get tanged up and become an excruciating chaos? Instructables has a guide on utilizing void can moves to hold your links and keep them isolated.


Console cleaning with Post-its

On the off chance that your console is a bit foul, brimming with residue and lighten, at that point a couple of Post-it notes should deal with you right. Rub the clingy end through the holes to give it a fast and simple clean.





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