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Google Might Debut New Android 12 On October 4, Starting With Pixel Phones

Android 12 On October 4

Google may begin turning out the brand new Android 12 to devices on October 4. There might, nevertheless, be a long wait for some smart device individuals just before they acquire the brand-new Operating System update.

  • Google anticipated launching Android 12 on Pixel phones, starting Android 12.
  • The day remains in line along with the assumptions around the launch timetable of the new Pixel 6 phones.
  • Various other mobile phone labels ought to receive the Android 12 update in the following months.

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Android 12 AOSP (Android Open Source Project)

The long wait for the Android 12 could be about a conclusion as a supposition currently suggests that the brand-new version of Google’s os will emerge in October’s first full week. To become even more particular, Android 12 may begin rolling out on October 4 on Pixel phones, with a resulting rollout to various other units.

Android 12 On October 4 1 - Google Might Debut New Android 12 On October 4, Starting With Pixel Phones - Telugu Tech World
Android 12 On October 4

The tip has been come by a new tweet that declares that Google plans to launch the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) model of Android 12 on October 4. Given that the AOSP commonly makes its means to everyone along with the secure release of an Android model, it is being hypothesized that Android 12 will additionally see the light of the time on the same date.

That is, certainly, on Pixel phones in the beginning. But for those counting on the Android 12 update on various other smart devices, the hold-up might be a lot longer. When it loses, a handful of Android OEMs can easily take on a new Android model on their gadgets. Nevertheless, many take much longer, often releasing it on their mobile phones months after the main rollout.

No matter, the tweet through XDA managing editor Mishaal Rahman gives us an unconfirmed timetable of when the Android 12 could be anticipated. So the simple acknowledgement of a date is enough to delight numerous Android consumers anticipating the brand-new age of Android experience on their smart devices.

The October 4 day also falls in line with the predicted launch date for Google’s next Pixel schedule. Google is expected to release its all-new Pixel 6 series in Oct. Specifically, the smartphones will denote their launching with the brand new Android variation. Therefore, the Android 12 launch time has to be actually before that of the Pixel 6 phones.

It has been disclosed that the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will be up for pre-booking starting October 19. The tools will then be available in stores and in the palms of those who pre-book all of them by October 28. So also, there is an opportunity for Google to launches the Android 12 after the formal launch of the Pixel 6 series; it will have to smooth it out before the units are delivered, i.e. within October.

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