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appsThere is a Huge Number of Apps Available on the Google Play Store. Indeed, a large portion of them aren’t so much helpful. A large portion of you individuals may feel what App to utilize and which will have all the best highlights out there. That is the reason we at Tech Burner are attempting to recommend you the Best Free Android Apps For 2019 with our news Series. This List will be Updated Every Week. In this way, Stay Tuned.

1. Phonto

This App is Awesome in the event that you are a Writer. It enables somebody to compose on a Photo. With the assistance of this, you can Write Quotes on your Favorite Photo. Look at the Download Link underneath to Get this App just as investigate these Screenshots as well.

2. GBox

This App is by our Very Own Jay Kapoor. Huge numbers of you may know him. Indeed, GBox is a Paradise for all the Social Media Influencers out there. You folks can alter your Photos in the App which are enhanced for Instagram and other Social Media Platforms. The Smooth involvement of this App will Upgrade your Profile to an Another Level.

3. YouTube Music

YouTube has at last propelled its Music Streaming Service. YT Music wasn’t accessible in India since it was propelled. In any case, at long last, it’s been propelled in India as of late. It likewise offers clients 3 Months Trial of Premium Membership. From that point forward, it will cost Rs 99 ( $1.44 ). Look at the Trial offer before it closes.

4. BookHub

On the off chance that you are a Book Lover otherwise known as Reader, don’t hesitate to utilize this App. It resembles a Kindle. You can get New/Used Books at a sensible Price. Look at the App Now.

5. Bolo by Google ( Unreleased )

Google has as of late propelled a New App for Infants which will assist them with learning. As a matter of course, it has numerous Stories which we used to Read/Hear during our Childhood. Marvelous Right? For what reason don’t you look at that point?

6. Faintly

Having an issue in Eyes while utilizing your Phone? Or on the other hand don’t your Phone have a Built-in Reading/Bluelight Filter Mode? Utilize this App called Dimly. It’s been utilized by Million of Peoples. This <1 MB App will Enable Bluelight Filter on your Phone to Protect Your Eyes.

7. Streak Sale Helper

Need to Buy Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale yet incapable to Order one? Next time ( twentieth March ) utilize this App on your Phone yo Order the Phone Successfully. This App will Add your Phone to the Cart at 12:00 PM. At that point you can Pay for the Money. This App helped us to Buy this Phone in the First Sale. Attempt it and increment the Probability of getting the Phone by 99%.



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