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BlockSite – Block Distracting Apps & Sites

BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites

BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & SitesBlockSite prevents any app, website or social media from launching,
When you need to concentrate to get things done! Be more Productive and Reclaim your Quality time!

How It Works
1. Content Filter setting
Bookmark ALL distracting website, installed app or social media that you want to block!
2. Time Management setting
Control when listed apps and URLs are blocked and when you have access with your daily schedule.
Or set focus timer include work and rest intervals.
3. Self control app
BlockSite executes the scheduled blocking!
– Works for a precise time. Once the scheduled time duration is over, the blocked websites and apps can be used again.

★ Website Blocker
BlockSite is a cross-browser website/URL blocker.
Great Content blocker to control your website usage and distraction zone.
★App Blocker
BlockSite blocks any installed apps on your mobile phone.
Set your own app time limit and time schedule to stay focused.
★Content Filter ????
BlockSite allow you to manage contents you can see on your device.
Increase productivity by removing distractions from your daily routine!
★Phone Addiction Controller
Addiction recovery app that help you to do Digital detox.
Overcome your mobile addiction to reclaim your Quality time!
★Social Media Block app
Just set your Home routines and app time limit for each distracting social media.
Increase productivity and concentration for what you like to do.
★Scheduled Blocker for a procrastinator
Great time management app that allow you to control when listed apps and URLs are blocked and when you have access.
Set up your own schedules and daily routine when you need to stay on task.
★Permanent Blocker
Permanent block is also available when you need to move away from them for a while.
No Self discipline required. Help you to be the best Achiever!
★ Work Mode
Productivity app with time locker, that blocks specific websites or apps.
Work Mode help your time management with the focus timer, that include work and rest intervals.
★ Productivity work timer
Use Work Mode as a pomodoro timer to take advantage of pomodoro technique!
With this Productivity challenge timer, Set up pomodoro work and rest intervals to get the achievement effectively without distractions.
Great App lock tool to makes you to be more productive!
★Study app with time management locker
Study focus lock timer to stay focused during your study time in school and home.
Study helper to Block distracting apps and websites temporarily on your device when you need to concentrate.
★One click Porn website blocker
The built-in porn blocker blocks all knownadult sites.
No self discipline needed, Just switch it on.
★Drunk texting, drunk dial blocker
Just set your schedule or time locker before you enjoy drinking.
No more dark memory with this App lock tool.
★Reminder app with Funny Images
When you accidentally click blocked websites or apps,
Some funny motivational quote pictures are shown to remind you!
Control Procrastination to get things done!
★ Password Protection
Protect BlockSite as well as Blocked apps and URLs to ensure your challenge.
Extra protection by choosing a pattern or passcode to achieve your goal.
★Sync between Desktop and Mobile
Make sure all of your blocked sites and apps are aligned between your devices.



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