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BOTZONE - BOTZONE For Android Mobile - Telugu Tech World

BOTZONE - BOTZONE For Android Mobile - Telugu Tech WorldOn each Spin you will win, in case you’re fortunate you will get bigger Amount,

We also provide the best task for you, in this you received daily task to earn rewards you can earn more rewards for completing daily tasks.

This is the luck play but the core difference is that here there is no loose, just a win – win situation.

Luck by spin is an application through which you can play at the same time earn and fill your pocket.

User just need to login into account and choose a lucky number from 0 to 11 and just tap on spin, that’s all , now it’s your luck to get the reward ..

Daily you get 10 free spins, thereafter you can also earn free spins by watching just a few second advertisement video and can earn extra 10 spins.

* We are giving access to pro versions of our apps to users instead of real money.
* We are not encouraging any kind of gambling using this game.

A fun way to win free uc coins. You will get to Win UC from this app.

An addictive game app, please anytime, anywhere.

Spin a wheel and generate UC for free.





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