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‘Demon in every house’: 10 arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG

‘Demon in every house’: 10 arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG

‘Demon in every house’: 10 arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG

Gujarat police have captured ten college understudies for playing PUBG, the colossally prevalent cell phone game depicted by one pastor as a “devil in each house”.

The captures happened Wednesday in Ahmedabad, where nearby specialists upheld a through and through restriction on PUBG a week ago over worries about its effect on the “conduct, direct and language” of those playing it.

The understudies were discharge on safeguard later that day, police auditor V.S. Vanzara said Thursday.


Gujarat is the main Indian state to boycott the game. Which has been download in excess of 100 million times far and wide.

Be that as it may, concern has been brought up in different pieces of the nation. Where near a large portion of a billion people are on the web and shoddy cell phones and information plans are bringing all the more first-time clients into the advanced domain.

Guardians and teachers state the game prompts viciousness and diverts understudies from their investigations.

A pastor in beach front Goa state depicted the PUBG as “a devil in each house”. A month ago, a mother whined to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about her child’s dependence. On internet diversions during an open communication and he answered: “Is this the PUBG one?”

Frequently compare to the blockbuster book and film arrangement “The Hunger Games”, PUBG is allowed to download. And pits players stranded on islands against each other in a virtual battle until the very end.





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