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PUBG Mobile: 5 features that have been borrowed from Call of Duty Mobile




PUBG Mobile, one of the most mainstream Battle Royale game has since a long time ago ruled the market, particularly in the versatile gaming section. In any case, after a long, undisputed rule on the top, Call of Duty Mobile has developed as a commendable contender. The fascinating part about this challenge is that both the games are created by Tencent Games. A prior report noticed that players downloaded Call of Duty: Mobile for around 148 million times in the principal month. This is more than the joined downloads for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Burrowing further, players downloaded Fortnite 35 million times and PUBG Mobile 60.7 multiple times.

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All things considered, countless players who downloaded Call of Duty Mobile have begun playing the game. The game likewise made $52.9 million in the primary month as income. Interestingly, PUBG Mobile just made $3.5 million in the primary month. Indeed, we referenced in our Call of Duty Mobile survey how Tencent Games and TiMi Studios has improved the equation of Battle Royale. PUBG Corp, the organization behind PUBG Mobile appears to have paid heed to the client input.

In the last couple of updates and spill highlights, it would seem that the organization is presenting various new highlights. Including new highlights isn’t something new however a portion of these highlights appear to be intensely propell by Call of Duty Mobile. The majority of these updates appear to be normal to most PUBG players. Investigating PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update, we can recognize two highlights that PUBG Corp accepted from Call of Duty. How about we see five highlights that PUBG to add to the game from Call of Duty Mobile.


PUBG Mobile Heal while moving

One of the most significant “highlight” that PUBG has accepted from Call of Duty Mobile is recuperating or applying bandages while moving. Prior, PUBG and PUB Mobile players needed to stop and afterward mend themselves. Any development would stop the recuperating procedure. Honorable obligation Mobile accompanied this component from the primary day and it essentially made it an alternate game. Players could dash while fleeing from adversaries and have a more noteworthy possibility of endurance. PUBG Corp presented this element in the most recent 0.16.0 update.


Catching Hook

According to an ongoing report, the organization is required to include the catching snare highlight in the game. This will enable players to effortlessly ascend rooftops or hard to arrive at mountains or different landscapes. They simply need to shoot the catching snare to the most noteworthy purpose of the structure and the snare would impel them to the top. This element is accessible as a master thing in the Battle Royale game in Call of Duty Mobile.


PUBG Drone update

PUBG is additionally intending to add automatons to the game. Like the catching snare, this is accessible as a master expertise in the Battle Royale mode. Be that as it may, Call of Duty Mobile has two unique automatons including Hunter Killer ramble and the normal automaton. Tracker Killer Drone is a mechanized automaton which when empowered, can naturally scan for foes and afterward plunge towards them and detonating. The subsequent automaton is a normal one in Battle Royale mode. Here, it consequently chases after the player while monitoring the environment. It consequently identifies foes, sounds an alert telling the heading of the objective.


Moreover, Battle Royale rambles additionally run programmed impedance causing disturbance in the playing UI of the foe player. This obstruction is sufficient for the player to detect the foe and polish them off. Then again, PUBG is relied upon to give rambles to a greater extent a spying and procedure instrument instead of dynamic assistance in the game.



The fourth thing in this rundown is known as a convey capable shield that is coming soon on PUBG. Like the automatons, and catching snare, Shield is likewise an expert ability. It is significant that players should choose one master expertise before the beginning of a Battle Royale game. The Shield will shoot a glimmer projectile at adversaries around while making an impermanent defensively covered shied before the player. This is helpful for players out in the open while giving them some spread. Ongoing interaction film of this thing released a few days back.


Committed catch for Single player and group mode

To wrap things up, we should discuss an a lot littler expansion as a UI button. Obligation at hand Mobile was the first to add a committed catch to switch between single-player or group mode in Battle Royale. PUBG got roused and added a comparable catch to flip between the modes in the most recent PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update.


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