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Game #10 – Strick Hit

stick hit - Game #10 - Strick Hit - Telugu Tech World

Aim, shoot and blow up all the blocks, pins and balls in your path to get to the next levels.
It’s as simple as that! But be careful, the more you complete levels, the more complicated the game becomes! Bounces, bumpers, explosions, nothing is off limits when it comes to breaking everything on the screen!

strick hit - Game #10 - Strick Hit - Telugu Tech World

Players throw knives at a rotating circle of wood, attempting to exhaust their supply of knives (thus breaking the target and moving to the next stage).

But you can’t hit the knife same area twice.

If a knife hits another knife, the game is over.

Splitting lemons that happen to be sitting on that targets earn coin points and can be used to buy different types of knives at later time.

Master the art of fast tapping, especially during the levels after about the first boss when you need to throw up some knives extremely quickly.

You can throw knives REALLY close to each other, so take advantage of the fast throwing to prevent having to go back and fill small gaps later on in the round. The faster the target is spinning, the quicker that you can tap.

It can be deceptively tough, owing to the erratic rotations at times.

Knife Strike’s play is purely based around your reflexes to break wooden targets, but when you fail (and you will fail), you will instantly want to try again.

It’s a perfect title for killing a few minutes.

Very simple to play, tap the screen to shoot knives at the rotating wood to break them. Timing is most important as you don’t want to hit a knife you’ve already thrown or already there with the further you make it, the harder the levels.

Every 4 levels you’ll come up against a boss targets. Defeat this boss to unlock special boss knives which upgrade throwing speed and damaging power that helps you to defeate next comming stronger targets.

Throw the knife carefully and hit the target precisely. We only offering 3 times of continue chances.

As a free to play game, there are quite a few ads that pop up. We tried to manage not to affect mobile ads interrupting or slow down the game speed.

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