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Game #6 – Sandwich

sandwitch - Game #6 - Sandwich - Telugu Tech World

Make delicious sandwiches by folding toppings on top of each other, and serve it on a platter to eat!

In this new, delicious puzzle game it’s your job to combine bread with lettuce, tomato, salmon, cheese, onion, and many more toppings. Unlock more ingredients as you go along and the levels get harder! Are you a true sandwich master?

sand - Game #6 - Sandwich - Telugu Tech World

Full of tricky levels, this game is set to eradicate your boredom. Oddly satisfying and deliciously entertaining! How high can you stack your sandwich? Ready, set, go!There is a new cooking game in town, we call it the cooking of the most delicious, loved, amazing, colourful sandwiches in the culinary world. People enjoy these every day and love it to bits. We introduce you our new cooking game but WAIT!! There is a twist, this is not a typical Cooking game rather it’s a cooking game for Sandwiches .Yes!! You heard it right! This is our new application called as The Sandwich Maker Mania

Sandwich Maker Mania, the ultimate Sandwich bakery game comes with the following sizzling, amazing, thrilling and exclusive Features:
– Variety of Breads including brown, French, white and loafs
– Many options for meat including Chicken, mutton, beef and fish
– Variety of salads, meat, cheese, vegetables and spices
– Easy to choose from ingredients, patties, meat, cheese, vegetables!
– Garnish items including French Fries, Baked potato, Salads and sauces

Just open our application and make your colorful Sandwich with special ingredients including Chicken, beef, mutton, fish, Sauce, Cream, Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, and cheese. Indulge yourself in unlimited fun and our colourful application to make best and delicious Sandwiches for yourself and share it with your friends.
Get our unlimited toppings, ingredients and flavours and pick the best one that suits your taste and imagination. Choose from a variety of toppings, salads, patties, sauces, meat, cheese, and vegetables and transform your skills into a sizzling Sandwich.

Your task is to make the best and most delicious, inspiring and thrilling Sandwich for your customers and viewers. Your job is to bake the most amazing and unique Sandwiches by using the combinations of meats, salads, breads and toppings.

Everyone craves for Sandwiches! Play this game and cook the most amazing and exciting Sandwiches with the best toppings and flavours and toss it into your master delighting food and serve it with add-ons like fries ,potatoes, salads and sauces!!

This exciting new app Sandwich Maker Mania gives you so many amazing, exciting flavours and ingredients to play with. With this cooking game for Sandwiches, you can choose from a vast variety of toppings, once made you can also garnish it further with your favourite vegetables, in case you are a vegetarian.

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