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Google Android Alternative: e OS Claims Never Tracking, Popular Apps and Good UI, However, Does it Rise?

Google Android - Google Android Alternative: e OS Claims Never Tracking, Popular Apps and Good UI, However, Does it Rise? - Telugu Tech World

e OS is an AOSP based running system that assures a “de-Googled” Android experience that utilises alternative settings to hand your privacy back to you, the user.


  • / e/ OS guarantees to stop Google tracking in the background but work on AOSP
  • The OS uses a third party app shop and a good interface, together with more strengths
  • / e/ OS does not support uninstalling of preinstalled apps, with additional drawbacks


One such celebration is the/ e/ Foundation, which states that Android phones have active trackers ping Google up to 90 times per hour, especially when a gadget is functional. This severe level of data collection that the non-profit structure’s personal privacy-centric/ e/ OS intends to make individuals aware of.


Established by the creator of Mandrake Linux, Gael Duval,/ e/ OS focuses squarely on privacy and on changing Google from a mobile phone. The/ e/Foundation backs it, the holding non-profit business that has kept all of/ e/ OS’ developments open source.

If you have a capable phone at hand, you will require to go through a relatively complicated procedure of rooting your phone and installing the brand-new OS. The final compromise is the greatest of all– if you are incredibly reliant on Gmail for your daily things,/ e/ OS won’t instead be your thing.


The main problem that/ e/ OS addresses is the sheer amount of data that Google gathers on average from an Android phone. Many reports have mentioned the data collection practices that Google uses, even though it vouches that it doesn’t take more information than necessary and treats that with ample safety. The fact is that any data collected from you is commoditised and offered off to advertisers for industrial gains– be it by Google or by Facebook.

To this extent,/ e/ OS does a reasonably decent task of reducing what Google can learn about you. It starts with place tracking– as part of the network and general telemetry information, critical identifiers of your place are frequently consisted of in information bundles relayed to servers. While any network supplier would do this to ping the nearest cell tower and keep you connected, privacy supporters have argued that handing the onus to a corporate entity such as Google offers it uneven power over your and the society’s cumulative data. With/ e/ OS, a big part of this information collection is avoided, or at the least, decreased.

Reports and evaluations of/ e/ OS on numerous forums have carried out information plan analysis to expose that/ e/ OS mainly restricts data sent out over to Google servers. The/ e/ app shop broadly includes 3rd celebration apps that are scrolled from Tidy APK or APK Pure (more on this later), and this implies that despite not having Google services,/ e/ OS does have plenty of the most popular third-celebration apps– such as Netflix, Uber, Signal, WhatsApp and so on.

This, though, is/ e/ OS’ most significant problem– which the OS itself does not ping Google to send out data, most of the 3rd celebration apps are looped into utilising Google and Facebook’s APIs. The/ e/ OS claim is, for that reason, essentially relative– it does make things partly much better; however, the use of the majority of apps indicate that at least some amounts of periodic information will be sent out to Google.


Beyond privacy,/ e/ OS is a combined bag of appreciable points and factors that work in progress. For a start, the/ e/ OS app support gives you access to plenty of popular apps.

The/ e/ OS usage experience is rather good, being more than usable and often, in fact, rather ergonomic. The OS also uses its e-mail account and cloud storage and information sync utilising NextCloud, therefore offering users an easy choice to sync its data throughout multiple gadgets.

The tricky bits, nevertheless, are present in parallel. For one,/ e/ OS does not let you uninstall or hide its default apps, even if you never utilise them. There is a big concern mark over the third-celebration apps available on the/ e/ app shop./ e/ does not have clearness in sourcing the 3rd party apps. It is not entirely clear if the apps are provided by the developers straight or perhaps designated routine software application updates and spots. Offered today cybersecurity climate, this can be a significant, alarming point to think about


All imperfections thought about,/ e/ OS makes sure that the over-dependence on Google is lowered to a large degree. You get access to most of the widely utilised apps, which you can use and download if you need to.

/ e/ OS miss out on essential aspects such as verification of apps available, a complex setup process and a limited number of gadgets supported today. However, if you can use these compromises,/ e/ OS is undoubtedly worth it if you’re concerned about the growing hazard to your privacy today.


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