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Google Pay Tez Shots: Earn up to Rs 2,000 by playing cricket; here’s how

Google Pay Tez Shots Earn up to Rs 2,000 by playing cricket here’s how

Google Pay Tez Shots Earn up to Rs 2,000 by playing cricket here’s how

There’s no denying that the cricket fever is high, because of the continuous World Cup 2019. Capitalizing on the world cup fever, Google has refreshed its installments application – Google Pay. The new update brings a doodle cricket match-up called Tez Shots. The game enables you to play cricket on your telephone and win some additional bucks simultaneously. Here’s everything you have to think about Google Pay Tez Shots.


The most effective method to play Google Pay Tez Shots

The Tez Shots game is just accessible on Android. To have the option to play, you have to have Google Play adaptation 34.0.001_RC01 or above. When you have the most recent adaptation, you’ll discover the Tez Shots game under advancements area.

Tap on ‘Play Now’ and the interface will open. At the top, you will locate your best score on the left and current score on the right. At the base, there is a bat symbol, tapping on which the player will swing the bat. Presently, when the bowler bowls, just time it to swing the bat appropriately. You can take single or twofold runs, hit a limit or a six, all relies upon how well you time the swing.


Tez Shots rewards

After your complete score arrives at the achievement of 100 runs, you win a scratch card worth Rs 50. So also, when you have an all out score of 500 you win scratch card worth up to Rs 100. At that point, for 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 runs, you win scratch cards up to Rs 150, Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000, separately.

Presently, the scratch cards aren’t increasingly similar to you scratch and win. Rather, you get scratch card for portable energize, charge installments, etc. Additionally, the measure of scratch card is the most extreme that you can win. In this way, on the off chance that you have an Android telephone, feel free to try Tez Shots out. You may luck out and win some additional bucks.

This is a great type of app to earn some extra bucks and it doesn’t require any skills.