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Here’s how Live Captions work on the Google Pixel 4

Here's how Live Captions work on the Google Pixel 4

Here's how Live Captions work on the Google Pixel 4

The new Live Captions highlight on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is a misjudged expansion to Mountain View’s lead telephones this year. It enables you to inscription any video legitimately on the gadget, regardless of whether it’s a YouTube video or film implanted in your Twitter channel. Here’s the manner by which to utilize it.


Why utilize Live Captions?

Ever been sat on a train or in the workplace and somebody sends you a cool video to look at? You can obviously simply increase the volume on your cell phone and play the video for surrounding you to hear, however that can be hostile to social at times. You could likewise go after your earphones, however that can likewise be a torment on the off chance that they’re in the base of your sack or more regrettable, you don’t have any to hand whatsoever.


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Live Caption is an ideal answer for those minutes. I don’t consider this to be a component for observing longer recordings or full motion pictures, despite the fact that. You could on the off chance that you needed to, however for those circumstances where you simply need to comprehend. The discourse without messing around with volume rockers and earphones, it’s ideal! Live Caption can add captions to any video media playing on your telephone. It’s shockingly precise, as well, and works rapidly continuously. It likewise works for video calls as well, which is something that was unrealistic previously.

The most effective method to actuate Live Caption on your Pixel 4

There are two or three different ways to turn on Live Caption on your Pixel 4 cell phone. The snappiest and most straightforward way is through the volume rocker, really. In the event that you have a Pixel 4 running on Android 10, at that point just pursue the means beneath:

  • Press the volume rocker, either up or down is fine
  • At the exceptionally base, you will see a symbol that resembles a container with content in (see screen capture beneath), that is the Live Caption symbol
  • You can flip it on or off rapidly and effectively from here
  • At the point when it’s off, it will have a line corner to corner through the container

You can likewise turn Live Caption on and off utilizing the Quick Settings Menu. You’ll have to add the symbol to your Quick Settings in the event that you have not effectively done as such. Pursue the means beneath:

  • Drag down from the highest point of your screen to open the Quick Settings Menu
  • Tap on the pencil symbol to alter the tiles you have in there
  • You will locate the equivalent Live Caption symbol we found in the volume rocker menu
  • Add it to your Quick Settings Meu for simple access


At long last, you can likewise initiate Live Caption from the ordinary settings menu. It falls under the Accessibility settings. Look down until you see the alternative ‘Live Caption: consequently subtitle media’.


Step by step instructions to alter Live Caption settings

Since you realize how to turn Live Caption on and off, you should delve into the settings menu to change the controls just as you would prefer. You can either scan your settings for “Live Caption” or discover it under the Accessibility menu as depicted previously.


From this screen, you can change the language (just English is accessible right now yet this is the place the setting will be when more dialects dispatch soon), conceal irreverence and pick whether to present sound marks for things like chuckling, commendation and music, or whether you can live without them.

There is likewise the alternative to remove the Live Caption symbol from your volume control in the event that you don’t care for utilizing this technique to flip it on and off. You can likewise discover data and tips for utilizing Live Caption in this menu. Contacting and holding the subtitles enables you to move them, for instance, while twofold tapping an inscription will extend it.