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How 5G could improve augmented reality

How 5G could improve augmented reality

How 5G could improve augmented reality

In the event that you have not been living under a stone for the recent weeks, you realize that the US restricted Huawei from working with US organizations. This occurrence took a noteworthy stun for the tech network and Huawei is in peril from all sides. This drove them not utilizing Android or any Google benefits on their cell phone whatsoever. Google as well as there are US organizations naming few Nvidia, Microsoft, Intel to cut off ties also. Huawei additionally sells its Laptop with Windows OS, Intel processor and Nvidia designs however at this point they can not make any further.

Presently, Huawei is building up its very own OS for Android and Windows substitution which will be named Hongmeng OS. Huawei had begun building up its very own framework since 2012. This news was accounted for long back yet it was not significant around then as now it may be. The organization may have anticipated some time before on the off chance that they needed to supplant Android and Windows, another in-house OS would help.

Huawei Hongmeng OS

Huawei has enlisted a trademark for its homegrown working framework (OS) named “Hongmeng”. It is trademarked in China at the Trademark Office of China’s National Intellectual Property Administration on August 24, 2018. The substantial term of the trademark is from May 14, 2019, to May 13, 2029. Prior this week, Richard Yu Chengdong the leader of the organization’s customer business uncovers. Hongmeng OS is probably going to be dispatch as right on time. As this fall of the year no later than spring one year from now.

The new OS will be utilized as an all inclusive working framework for numerous stages including cell phone, PC, tablet, TV, vehicles and keen wearable gadgets. It will likewise be perfect with all Android applications and Web applications. “It is anything but a troublesome errand to think of another OS, yet it’s hard to develop an environment for that” – Huawei author and CEO Ren Zhengfei.

Huawei ARK OS

A couple of days prior, the organization has trademarked three names in Europe with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). This incorporates trademark names HUAWEI ARK OS, HUAWEI ARK, ARK, and ARK OS. Seeing that Huawei has officially trademarked Hongmeng OS previously, this new Ark OS name could be known all around.






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