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How to delete all tweets instantly

How to delete all tweets instantly

How to delete all tweets instantly

In the event that you at any point tweeted a tweet during a flitting failure to comprehend the issues at hand which you lamented in a flash. All things considered, you would be happy to discover that all expectation isn’t lost, there is some uplifting news for you, you can dispose of the tweets you never again need individuals to see.


Instructions to erase all tweets in a split second

On the off chance that you need to last remove yourself. From internet based life or regardless of whether you are endeavoring. And to rebrand yourself via web-based networking media, you can utilize various legitimate administrations that are accessible out there which you can utilize so as to erase your tweets in mass.


The Number of Tweets

Albeit just the ongoing 3200 of your tweets show up on your timetable, your more seasoned tweets can likewise be found via looking for them through your pursuit support.


Sponsorship up your old Tweets

In the event that you think quite possibly you may lament your choice to erase your tweets. Last you can download your whole Twitter file and this ZIP record. And will contain every one of your tweets and retweets.

Pursue the means offered beneath to download your Twitter chronicle:

1) Click on your profile picture and afterward get to Settings and Privacy

2) Scroll down till you arrive at the base of the page and afterward hit Request your chronicle

3) You will get an email that has a connect to a downloadable .compress record that contains your document.


For those of you with under 3200 Tweets

TweetDelete enables you to mass erase your past Tweets and erase you future Tweets after they’ve been up for a specific term of time, shockingly, because of outsider confinement, you can just erase your ongoing 3200 Tweets.

You can have your future tweets erased after:

1) Multi week

2) Two weeks

3) One month

4) Two months

5) Three months

6) Six months

7) One year

TweetDelete naturally determines the status of your record like clockwork. You can deny access to your Twitter account by going to Settings and security and hitting Revoke access by TweetDelete’s entrance.


On the off chance that you have under 3200 tweets

TwitterEraser enables you to erase 3200 tweets, moving up to the principle administration by paying a charge of $6.99 will give you a chance to erase the same number of tweets as you need.

You can transfer your whole Twitter file in the wake of pursuing TweetDelete and afterward use search channels to find the tweets that you need to erase dependent on date, hashtags, and watchwords.

At the point when you mass erase tweets, the progressions won’t be reflected quickly as there is a cutoff to the quantity of solicitations an application can send to Twitter every hour, and if the quantity of tweets that you expect to erase run in the thousands, it will take a long while.

Erasing your tweets will prevent them from being accessible for the overall population and potential businesses yet Twitter will in any case have a record of your erased tweets. They track every one of the tweets on the off chance that they ever need to create them for legitimate purposes.





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