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How to delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive

How to delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive

How to delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive

WhatsApp assumes a significant job in the lives of many. An incredible number of us use it, from family bunches you can’t leave without allegorically offering yourself up to a tank of piranhas to that irritating companion who just conveys through gifs, there is something in there to keep a large number of us snared. Be that as it may, there are parts of the application that has been rendered conniving in light of the dim tempest cloud called ‘Attack of User Privacy’ that Google seems, by all accounts, to be conveying with it these days.


Step by step instructions to erase WhatsApp information from Google Drive

Would this be able to be valid? Would Google truly accomplish something like this? You should simply go to the Google Maps for verification.

Opening the Google Maps and heading toward the alternative that says My Timeline enables you to see where you were and where you went to and to what extent it took you to arrive. Google can likewise precisely anticipate how you went there. In any case, the way that you might be ignorant of on the off chance that you are the sort to never kill your area administrations is that Google can follow your area regardless of whether you have your area benefits off. Innovatively great? Truly. Net attack of our security? All things considered, there are sure insights concerning one’s life that all individuals would like to mind their own business. The principal right to protection is an essential human right.


Notwithstanding area information, Google stores our WhatsApp information too. Every one of the talks that we have, this incorporates huge mixed media documents won’t be put away in your Google Drive any more. This means the entirety of your information won’t be away on Google Drive any more.

But since of the risk of security encroachment and information robbery that are constantly present, the information that you store on the cloud is rarely totally protect. On the off chance that you wish to expel WhatsApp information from your Google Drive, you should do the accompanying.


So here is how:

1) Access the Google Drive site (httsps:// from your work area and afterward sign in to your Google account.

2) If the URL to Google Drive is being gotten to through your cell phone, click on the upper left corner on the program page and afterward pick the “Work area form.”

3) Click on the Gear symbol that is accessible on the upper right corner of the application.

4) Access Settings and afterward search for ‘Oversee Apps.’

5) Scroll down till you discover the WhatsApp Messenger symbol.

6) Wait for some time till the “Covered up application information” size shows up beneath the WhatsApp Messenger.

7) Click on Options and afterward click on the alternative called Delete covered up application information.

8) Before you erase the information, the Drive will give you one final opportunity to reevaluate your decision, you will get the accompanying spring up message “xGB of concealed application information from WhatsApp Messenger will be erased from Drive.” You would now be able to tap on Delete to affirm your decision.