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How To Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On Android

How To Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On Android

How To Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On Android

Among the most ordinarily utilized versatile working framework, Android is the most utilized one. It has a great deal of customisation choices and highlights which makes it exceptionally prominent among the monstrous environment of Apps. In Google Play Store, you can discover loads of applications and games yet and still, at the end of the day, individuals are obsessed with iOS.


Instructions to Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On Android

For more enhanced interface, iOS is superior to Android, as the glitches and bugs are less similarly. There are sure selective highlights as well. The Home screen search is a valuable element with the assistance of which you can scan for settings and applications from the Homescreen of iOS itself. It’s efficient just as gainful.

You can without much of a stretch get iOS type Homescreen search on Android by utilizing Evie Launcher, which is a well known launcher application. There is additionally a working strategy that will assist you with getting a Homescreen Search like iOS.


Here is how

1: Go to Android Phone Download. Introduce Evie Launcher on your cell phone.

2: introduce the App. At that point dispatch the App.

3: After propelling it, you can see the fundamental interface of the App for Android.

4: Swipe down from the Home screen. Directly on the Home Screen open an all inclusive hunt. At that point you can find the applications effectively. That is the manner by which you can get the iOS type Home screen.

Evie launcher is the least demanding strategy for all to get the iOS type home screen in the blink of an eye, by just after the means.

The Homescreen can now and again stun the iPhone clients on occasion. Apple has a straightforward organizer framework and the clients will in general live in the application cabinet. Android clients, then again, have their home screens predominantly on the highest point of the application cabinet. This makes half of the applications totally off the beaten path.


Nova Launcher

You can just observe what you need to see. You can download Hola or ilauncher. The brisk settings are not there and even the symbols are not the equivalent. With the assistance of Nova Launcher, you can have reliable symbols and they should coordinate the Homescreen as well. Nova Launcher is adjustable and a profoundly well known outsider home screen launcher. You can set it as the default home screen and completely change your home screen understanding.

1: Install Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime from Google Play Store. See every one of the highlights there and check for the Quick Settings as well.

2: Open Nova Launcher and Click on the Home Button.

3: Click on Nova Launcher and Click on it to set it as the default home screen launcher.

4: Then Open the application cabinet.

5: Click Open Nova Settings and afterward go to work area and open the work area network.

6: Expand the network by changing the quantity of lines and affirm it by tapping on Done.

7: Go to Desktop Settings and look down and tap on Add symbol to Home Screen.

8: Click on Back Button and go to the Main Menu.

9: Open Dock and Dock fastens and download iOS organizer foundation.

10: Click on Folder and select Grid. At that point go to organizer foundation and snap custom and it’s finished.

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