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How to remove a broken headphone jack from your device

How to remove a broken headphone jack from your device

How to remove a broken headphone jack from your device

The gadgets which were the predecessors of cutting edge headphones can be followed back to the old occasions of 1881, indeed, just about 150 years! The main earphones were very inconvenient and gauged in excess of ten pounds. The advanced headphones weigh so light you don’t feel them in the palm of your hands.



Instructions to expel a messed up earphone jack from your gadget

The drawback is that you now and again neglect to be delicate with the poor thing and don’t reconsider before yanking it out and afterward stall out inside the attachment. This is an issue which will be a colossal burden to you as your gadget will no doubt perceive the headphone as being connect and occupy the sound to the speaker.

Six different ways to get the headphone jack out of the attachment has been recorded beneath:


Utilize a Biro

You can expel the jack that is stuck inside your telephone by making utilizing of the cylinder inside your biro. With a smidgen of moving, you can utilize this to expel the wrecked jack from the gadget.

You have to utilize the side of the cylinder. Which doesn’t have ink on it and is on the contrary side of the nib. You should embed this into the headphone attachment and when you evacuate it. The cylinder will grasp the jack and haul it out with it.


Attempt some superglue

Something that you may have utilized when you use superglue is that surfaces don’t adhere quick to one another after you’ve utilized the paste on them. You have to sit tight for some time till they’re dry before you stick them. This factor is the thing that you exploit to evacuate the jack.

You have to apply super paste on the rest of the finish of the earphone jack and slide it into the headphone jack. After you have held it down for 30 seconds or more, you can haul the jack out. Ideally, the mess up part will be append to it.


A thumbtack with a bowed point or a security point

A thumbtack is an extraordinary method for getting the headphone jack out. The principal thing that you have to do is utilize a mallet to beat it a little into a shape which is simpler to deal with. The best activity is beat it into the state of a L.

Supplement the thumbtack into your attachment and once it contacts the plastic piece of your headphone attachment, push it and turn it immovably. When you are certain that you have a solid hang on the part, haul it out of the attachment.


A toothpick and some heated glue

For this stunt, you can utilize a toothpick made of either wood or plastic, ensure it’s restrict and has enough length to have the option to contact the isolated finish of your headphone jack. In the wake of spotting a little bit of craft glue on to your toothpick, trust that a moment for it will cool. After this, you will have the option to expel the headphone jack from the attachment effectively.


A warmed paperclip

In the event that you can’t get your hands on any paste, you can utilize warmth to take care of business. Loosen up a paperclip a smidgen by twisting it out by around 90 degrees.

Warmth the paperclip while holding the opposite end with something heatproof. Supplement this into the attachment straight down the center. Push immovably, and afterward following a couple of moments, you ought to have the option to expel the headphone jack.



GripStick is the finished result of a Kickstarter crusade, the device is intended to expel headphone jacks from telephones. This instrument is accessible for buy through It is accessible for $24.95. The value is a lot less expensive contrast with what is charge by experts.

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