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How to save Whatsapp Status without capturing screenshots

How to save Whatsapp Status without capturing screenshots

How to save Whatsapp Status without capturing screenshots


The WhatsApp status was an invite highlight for some. From connections to recordings, question chains, images and posts from occasion goals, the component has proved to be useful for many individuals. One of the alternatives that are absent in the application that numerous clients find lacking is a simple choice that enables you to spare the WhatsApp statuses of clients.


Step by step instructions to spare Whatsapp Status without catching screen captures

While catching screen captures of statuses is an accessible alternative, a client should trim out the usernames and notice bars. The means you have to follow so as to spare WhatsApp status without taking screen captures are recorded underneath:


1) Status Saver for WhatsApp

  1. a) Download and Install the application named Status Saver. The application can be on the Play Store or on the Internet.
  2. b) Go to the status page of your WhatsApp, tap on the name of the contact for which you wish to spare last the status. View the status and afterward pursue the means underneath to figure out how to spare the status.
  3. c) Open the Status Saver application, the application will output and show the statuses and you will be given the choice of picking between a photograph or video, you should choose the individual media type that you have to download. On the off chance that the document that you wish to download despite is a photograph, you should pick that and the other if the record you need is a video.
  4. d) You will have the option to see the statuses that you recently observed on a last rundown here. Go to the status that you wish to spare and tap on the catch that despite says Download directly beside it. The status will begin to get downloaded and it will be spared in your gadget last stockpiling.


2) Download the WhatsApp Status without outsider applications

WhatsApp really downloads the statuses that we see. This isn’t something that many know about. You really needn’t bother with any outsider applications to spare another person’s status. You just need to go peruse through your document chief till you discover the records that you need.

  1. a) The principal thing that you have to do is to open the record director of your Android cell phone.
  2. b) Then access the Internal Storage of your telephone and afterward discover Settings and snap on it.
  3. c) Under this menu, empower the alternative called ‘Show Hidden Files.’
  4. d) Now get to the inward stockpiling and quest for the WhatsApp organizer.
  5. e) Under the envelope named WhatsApp, discover the organizer named ‘Media.’
  6. f) Inside this envelope, you will have the option to discover a record named ‘.Statuses.’
  7. g) All the statuses you have seen can be found here.
  8. h) Copy the picture or media that you require to another area and you’re ready.


Remember that just the statuses that haven’t vanished at this point can be found here. Thus, on the off chance that you do discover a status that you wish to keep, the savvy activity is get your hands on it before it vanishes.






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