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How to set a default texting app on Android

How to set a default texting app on Android

How to set a default texting app on Android

Google thought of the alternative of changing your default messaging application in 2014, they additionally upheld this standard on other telephone creators also, comfort and security were boss among the purposes behind this choice yet the choice of having a messaging application that was not the same as the one on your telephone was the significant point.


The most effective method to set a default messaging application on Android

It is a typical misinterpretation that all Android gadgets are made the equivalent and that it is simply an issue of picking the least expensive conceivable one, for example, the form of Android that can be found on Samsung gadgets is a variation of the customary Android gadget with patches applied over it.

The customary Google adaptation can be found in Nexus and Pixel telephones and the Samsung last form which can be found on the Galaxy telephones. The bit by bit control depicting how to change your default despite messaging application in every one can be found beneath.


1) Changing the messaging application on Google’s variant of Android

The beneath walkthrough can be utilized to change the default messaging last application on a Nexus or a Pixel.

In spite of the fact that this depends on the procedure to pursue for Android 8.1, this can be applied to past and future forms also.

a) The initial step is to download a messaging application, for instance, Textra.

b) Swipe down on the warning despite shade.

c) Access the settings menu

d) Click on Apps and Notifications.

e) Click on Advanced despite to grow this segment

f) Select Default applications

g) Choose the SMS last application

h) Select New default SMS/messaging application.


2) Changing the messaging application on Samsung’s rendition of Android

The default messaging application on a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8 can be changed in a totally unique piece of the settings. 

a) Download a messaging application like Textra or one of the numerous last others accessible.

b) Swipe down on the warning shade.

c) Access the settings menu

d) Select Apps

e) Tap on the three-spot menu on despite upper right of the screen

f) Select Default applications.

g) Choose Messaging applications.

h) Choose the informing application you wish to change to,

I) Confirm your decision by choosing OK.

Most SMS applications will hit you with a brief asking you whether you wish to make the application your default informing application on opening it just because. In any case, there are special cases to the case. For instance, Facebook Messenger, certain applications don’t gives last a brief once you have at first expelled it.


The means to follow so as to change the default informing application for other telephone makers are typically varieties of similar guidelines that have been given previously. Various makers will embrace various strategies to change the default messaging application on their telephones. So it is easy so go ahead and try it. Just follow steps.

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