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How To Turn Off Google Assistant

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So you have yourself a decent Android telephone, however you’ve pretty much had it with that Google Assistant that keeps springing up. Dread not: There’s a simple method to turn it off.

Here are well ordered guidelines for how to kill Google Assistant.

Android Phones:

Long-press the Home catch on your telephone to bring Google Assistant.

Press the Inbox symbol on the left side. This will take you to your Google Assistant landing page. Tap your Google Account symbol in the upper right corner. Tap Settings on the rundown that springs up.

Select the Assistant tab. Look down to the rundown of gadgets at the base and select Phone.

Switch Google Assistant to Off. You’re good to go – Google will trouble you no more.

Google Home Speakers:

You can’t turn Google Assistant off on a Google Home speaker, yet you can quiet the amplifier with the goal that Google isn’t tuning in to you. Press the receiver catch on your speaker to turn it on and off.

You’ll discover this catch on the back of a Google Home, Google Home Hub or Google Home Max, and by the power line on a Google Home Mini.