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How to Use iPhone Camera LED Flash as Notification Light

iphone camera led

iphone camera led

I like to keep my iPhone in quiet mode particularly when I am in office. Notwithstanding, the issue with that is I end up missing calls, messages and warnings. In the event that you are from a time where you utilized a BlackBerry, at that point I have some uplifting news as there is a cool method to address this issue on your iPhone.

You can empower LED Flash cautions, the availability highlight, on your iPhone to abstain from missing the calls and the notices. While the availability highlight is intended for the meeting weakened, it tends to be valuable in the event that you keep your iPhone in quiet mode.

The availability highlight basically utilizes your iPhone’s back camera’s LED blaze as Notification Light.

Step by step instructions to Use iPhone Camera LED Flash as Notification Light

Here are the means to utilize iPhone’s camera LED streak as Notification light while in quiet mode:

1: Launch the Settings application.

2: Navigate to General > Accessibility.

3: Then tap on LED Flash for Alerts under the HEARING area.

4: Tap on the switch to empower LED Flash for Alerts.

Tap on the switch to empower Flash on Silent.

That is it, you’re presently all set. Your iPhone’s camera LED will streak at whatever point you get calls, SMS or warnings while it is in quiet mode. You may likewise need to keep your iPhone facedown so you never miss the LED blaze cautions.





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