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How to use Lockdown mode to sure up Face Unlock on the Pixel 4

How to use Lockdown mode to sure up Face Unlock on the Pixel 4

How to use Lockdown mode to sure up Face Unlock on the Pixel 4

For 2019, Google has dumped the unique mark sensor and rather depends totally on its new Face Unlock framework. As far as security, be that as it may, it is unquestionably not impeccable. Here’s the way you can utilize Android’s Lockdown mode to debilitate biometrics and Smart Lock briefly to sure things up.

Google’s Face Unlock is a speedy and effective method for opening your Pixel 4 cell phone because of the new Soli Radar contribute the top bezel of the gadget. In any case, audits immediately saw that Face Unlock works in any event, when your eyes are shut or on the off chance that you are turning away from the gadget. This raises security issues. Anybody can snatch your telephone and point it enigmatically toward your face to open it.

Google has guaranteed it will address this later on by means of a product update. While you are sitting tight for that, however, there is a component effectively present in Android that can assist you with expanding the security of your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. Here’s the means by which to empower it.


Instructions to empower Lockdown mode

You don’t need to do anything extravagant to empower Lockdown mode on your Pixel cell phone. Simply head over the Settings menu and pursue the means beneath to turn on the component.

Go to Settings and afterward Display

At the base, open the tab with extra alternatives by tapping Advanced

Directly at the base, you’ll discover Lock screen show

By flipping Lock screen show on, you’ll presently have an additional choice when holding down the power button


You can empower Lockdown from the Display settings

Lockdown mode would now be able to be actuated by holding down the power button. You’ll see it beneath the alternative to Restart and the choice to take a Screenshot. Once empowered, Lockdown mode will keep your telephone from being opened by Face Unlock. The best way to get into it is with the PIN or Password you have recently set for the gadget.

Lockdown mode will close down Smart Unlock, implying that notices and areas of associated Bluetooth gadgets will likewise never again appear on your lock screen. When you open your Pixel once with the secret phrase or PIN, Lockdown will turn off consequently.

Presently you can put your Pixel 4 cell phone down with agonizing over Face Unlock’s security issues. How would you use Lockdown mode? Offer your accounts in the remarks segment underneath.






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