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How to use Split Screen Mode on Android

How to use Split Screen Mode on Android

How to use Split Screen Mode on Android

Since Android’s commencement, the choice to switch between ongoing applications has been utilized strictly. In this manner, it was almost unavoidable for Google to incorporate an element that empowered some kind of performing multiple tasks between two applications. On gadgets running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later, this component is called Split Screen Mode. It works by enabling you to see two applications all the while, one underneath the other. This comes to help when you need to send subtleties from a picture to somebody, or in case you’re viewing a video and searching for some data on Google.


The most effective method to utilize Split Screen Mode on Android

Android clients need to have Nougat (7.0) or higher whenever Split Screen Mode is to be utilized. And, after its all said and done, it may not work if the application isn’t create to help the alternative. Normally, when the telephone has enter the mode, an admonition message is shown: “Application may not work with split screen”. Or then again when the application doesn’t bolster the element, an alarm saying “Application doesn’t bolster split screen” is shown. The following are a few advisers for utilizing this choice viably.


To enter Split Screen Mode, pursue these means:

1) Use the capacitive touch fastens and tap on the square catch on the end that you by and large use to open the ongoing applications list.

2) Scroll through the rundown and see the application that you need as set on top. Move it to the highest point of the screen, you’ll see a minor message saying “Drag here to utilize split screen.”

3) Now that you’ve enter it, select the application to be on the base. You can utilize the applications on the other hand according to your necessity.

In the event that you as of now have one of the applications open, you can just tap and hold the application switcher and the showed application goes to the top. Next, you need to discover the application to put underneath the screen. The two applications will be isolate by a slim dark strip.

You can decide to shroud the screen or totally exit from it. While inside the split screen, utilize the home catch to shroud it briefly. The screen comes back to the landing page and the dark strip moves to the top end. Tapping the application switcher brings back the split screen, however you may need to pick the second application once more.


Leaving should be possible in two straightforward manners:

1) Press and hold the ongoing applications button till the screen is totally involve by the application that is on top.

2) Drag the dark strip in the center right to the base of the screen. On the off chance that you need the second application, drag the strip to the top.