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Huawei set to bring Harmony OS to its smartphones in 2020

Huawei set to bring Harmony OS to its smartphones in 2020

Huawei set to bring Harmony OS to its smartphones in 2020

Huawei is getting ready to bring Harmony OS, its custom working framework to cell phones one year from now. Wang Chenglu, President of Chinese aggregate Huawei has uncovered that the organization is good to go to bring its specially designed working framework ‘Agreement OS’ to its cell phones territory in 2020. As per him, “Agreement OS” that will be accessible all inclusive won’t supplant Android as Huawei still treats Android as favored OS by decision however things will begin proceeding onward this front one year from now, media reports said on Monday.


Huawei gets ready Harmony OS as Android elective for cell phones in 2020

“In case we’re still not permitted [by the US government] to get to Google’s Android administration, we will think about utilizing our very own Harmony OS. Truth be told, our OS is prepared, however we won’t utilize it in any case as despite. Everything we’re thinking about a pertinent choice and collaboration,” Chenglu was cited as saying. 


Nonetheless, the exchange boycott has influenced the improvement of future items. The organization has just propelled “Concordance OS” with Honor Vision TV arrangement. The organization’s up and coming cell phone ‘P40’ may likewise run “Agreement OS” rather than Android, uncovered Richard Yu, Head of Huawei’s purchaser business.


Regardless of losing access to center Google applications, Huawei has not seen any significant drop popular for its cell phones. The Chinese cell phone producer saw development. In its piece of the overall industry during the second from last quarter of this current year. It has additionally delivered 200 million cell phones this year. And has taken less time than it did a year ago. Notwithstanding, the absence of Google applications on gadgets like the Mate 30 arrangement and up and coming P40 arrangement could hurt the organization in long haul. So the HarmonyOS will be available to a lot of devices. It may be even on your own smartphone. Be sure to go ahead and check it out. It is a great OS and it will be really fast. So you don’t have to worry a lot about that thing.

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