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Infinix Band 5 Review: Basic fitness tracker with color display, IP67 rating

Infinix Band 5 Review- Basic fitness tracker with color display, IP67 rating

Infinix Band 5 Review- Basic fitness tracker with color display, IP67 rating

While the spending telephone portion is loaded up with intriguing and amazing gadgets that offer premium highlights, the spending wearable market in India isn’t as forceful. That being stated, Chinese cell phone producer Xiaomi has just set a benchmark for how to make a strong wellness band, and sell it at a reasonable cost.



  • The Infinix Band 5 accompanies IP67 waterproof rating.
  • It includes a shading show, and a nonexclusive structure.
  • It offers support for consistent pulse checking.


Nowadays a significant number brands are propelling their own wearable gadgets as wellness trackers are getting famous for every single valid justification. These wellness wearables can help track your day by day sports exercises, yet additionally go about as an ally to your cell phone. Infinix is the most recent brand peering toward the wearable space. The organization is focusing on the individuals who need to follow their wellbeing and wellness on an essential level while additionally getting a couple of brilliant highlights.


At Rs 1,799, Infinix’s most recent Band 5 offers a conventional structure, fundamental every day movement following, long battery life, and a couple of savvy highlights. The central issue that comes at the top of the priority list is whether Infinix offers the best to pull clients from the outstanding brand Xiaomi. Additionally, does it offer great incentive for your cash? Peruse our Infinix Band 5 survey to discover.

Configuration, Display, User Interface

The Infinix Band 5 appears to be marginally unique from its ancestor — XBand 3. The organization has improved the structure and given it a greatly improved look. Despite everything it pursues a conventional wellness band plan. It isn’t extravagant and is additionally not for the thin wristed. There is one flawless plan contact as well. The organization has included silver accents above and underneath the band’s screen to give it an exceptional look. The tracker has a 0.96-inch screen settled into a plastic wristband. You get a shading IPS show and not an OLED show, which is disillusioning.

Infinix has settled on a progressively customary watch catch, which makes it simple to wear and even decreases its odds falling off. Yet, Infinix’s wellness band isn’t sufficiently happy to be worn for the duration of the day and night as the lashes are excessively hard. This is generally the situation with those clients who have little wrists. One will likewise see a hole between the arm and the band, which makes it look strange.



Expelling the band for charging is a significant undertaking. You won’t have the option to expel the tie in seconds as it needs a ton of solidarity. The Infinix Band 5 accompanies an IP67 waterproof rating, which is a decent expansion. This implies the wearable is appraised for submersion in water as much as one meter deep for about thirty minutes.

With the Infinix Band 5, you don’t get a full touchscreen show. For route, there is a capacitive Home catch directly underneath the presentation. Also, the genuine showcase is entirely little contrasted with the tracker’s general length. This is fine considering the value it requests. The content on the presentation looks fresh. Hues additionally look pleasant as well. We had issues perusing it under direct daylight.

There is no physical catch on either side of the band. You simply need to tap on the home fasten or raise your wrist to turn the showcase on. Clients can hop to a specific screen by long-squeezing the home catch. You can likewise long-press the catch to change the band’s face. The organization has included just three faces, which look conventional. The default screen of the wellness band shows a great deal of data, including, time. Also limate, persistent pulse, battery rate, day, date and month. In any case, there is no immediate catch that profits you to the home screen in case you’re in an alternate menu. Be that as it may, the reaction to the touch on the Infinix Band 5 is very great.


Infinix Life2.0 application, Activity following

You should utilize the Infinix Life2.0 application to match the Band 5 with your telephone. The organization’s application is perfect with both Android and iOS gadgets. The application will let you arrangement cell phone notices. While a few groups don’t enable you to include applications to get warnings the band, Infinix’s application gives you a chance to include the same number of as you need in the “Application Reminder” segment. You will get the warning on the band immediately, however you won’t have the option to answer to any messages, calls or notices, which is fine at this low value point.

There are a couple of clever highlights that Infinix has added to its application. There are various settings for Call Reminder, SMS Reminder, App Reminder, and Sedimentary Reminder. The last gives you a chance to set no-activity update time. There are additionally worked in vibration cautions, a “discover Bracelet” highlight in the event that you lose it, and a “Shake to take picture” alternative. You can even set on-screen time.

Heart Rate

The shrewd band accompanies a pulse sensor for 24×7 heartbeat observing and can even caution you if the pulse crosses a characterized breaking point, which you can set in the application. You can kill the consistent pulse observing choice, however you can’t modify how as often as possible the watch should check your HR. Our keen band logged pulse information at five-minute interims. We contrasted the pulse readings and the Lenovo Carme smartwatch and the outcomes were more often than not close. There were times when our gadget was not ready to recognize in the event that it is being worn as it, at that point announced counterfeit information.

The Infinix Band 5 can likewise follow fundamental exercises and can offer subtleties like advances taken, calories consumed, separation secured, rest example and that’s just the beginning. The awful part is you should flick your wrist or tap on the screen in midrun or some other game to see your pace. You can’t stop the tracker, and you may have the option to check the conclusive outcomes on the telephone’s application (or the live information following on the band).


It works as a cellphone

Abnormally, the gadget doesn’t offer help for remote music controls and Oxygen level following as its ancestor offered these highlights. The capacity to control cell phone’s music from the band would have been a decent expansion. You do get four games modes, including Skipping, Running, Walking and Riding. It is significant that the screen works in any event, when you have sweat-soaked hands. These are some essential modes and are very helpful. You will get further developed highlights on Xiaomi’s most recent Mi Band 4. It offers various exercise modes just as help for five diverse swimming styles.

Pushing forward, Infinix Band 5’s rest investigation is likewise very valuable. It gives knowledge into dozing designs, including profound, wakeful and light rest. Like different trackers, this application also gives you recommendations on getting enough rest, which could be useful for a few. The gadget naturally tracks your rest. There is no alternative to turn on the rest following mode. This component is very valuable as you won’t have to advise the band that you’re heading to sleep. We saw its general rest following outcomes as practically precise. It is significant that you never truly get totally precise outcomes with wellness wearables. Having said that, the Infinix Band 5’s progression following was exact enough to depend on, and it didn’t enroll steps while voyaging.


Battery life

The Band 5 kept going around five days on a solitary accuse of ceaseless pulse following, running, rest, and step following. You can spare a great deal of battery by killing the ceaseless pulse observing, and “Lift Hand to Activate Display” highlight. The organization’s application additionally kept a persevering notice on our telephone, which was somewhat irritating. The gadget can be completely energized in around one-and-a-half hours. The best part is you don’t have to convey a restrictive charger. The keen band charges by means of a male USB connector.






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