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Is Fortnite over with black hole? Millions of players can only see black hole after logging in

Is Fortnite over with black hole? Millions of players can only see black hole after logging in

Is Fortnite over with black hole? Millions of players can only see black hole after logging in

While Indians love PUBG MOBILE over anything, its opponent Fortnite has a super fan following comprehensively. Fortnite has been accompanying new seasons like PUBG MOBILE and the most recent one, which is known as the Season 10, finished as of late. Be that as it may, rather than closure the season with a declaration or another update, the Fortnite group thought of an emotional end to the season. Indeed, the closure appears to have denoted the conclusion to the game.



All players during the last snapshots of the Season 10 in Fortnite saw an uncommon grandiose occasion in the game. You can make up for lost time with the livestream film to perceive what happened yet here’s beginning and end in short – the game kind of disappeared into a dark gap! Has Fortnite finished?

During the most recent minutes of the Season 10, players began seeing rockets. Rising up out of the ground and causing enormous blasts all around. The meteor that has been static for quite a while since the start of the Season 10 likewise started misbehaving. After the hazardous frenzy quieted down for some time, a greater vast blast developed into the sky, making a dark gap. Also, as the dark opening developed, it devoured everything – everything including the players, props and the entire guide.

After the dark opening occasion, the game was demonstrating. A dark screen for a couple of moments after which a dark gap reappeared. What’s more, it has been in that route from that point onward. All players signing in to the game have revealed that everything they can see is the dark opening shining. What’s more, it has been that route since numerous hours now.


Black Hole

The dark opening occasion came unannounced and the official Twitter handle of Fortnite says – This Is The End. Does that mean there won’t be any longer Fortnite?

Doesn’t appear to be so. There have been bits of gossip coasting around of Fortnite presenting another guide and it’s propose that the new season could carry that guide to players. Not at all like its opponent PUBG MOBILE that offers numerous maps for players to battle, Fortnite has been stuck distinctly on a solitary guide and keeping in mind that there have been numerous seasons carrying new changes to the guide, the guide has in a general sense continued as before.

Subsequently, it is normal that the dark gap will leave and produce another guide. Also, a great deal of new other stuff is relly upon to come in the following season. Be that as it may, when is it coming? There’s no declaration from the engineer starting at now.




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