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Jio Fiber Landline Service: How to Activate Jio Home Phone

Jio Fiber Landline Service- How to Activate Jio Home Phone

Jio Fiber Landline Service- How to Activate Jio Home Phone

Dependence Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani reported at the organization’s yearly broad gathering (AGM) prior this month that Jio Fiber will at last begin taking off financially starting September 5. Simultaneously, Ambani uncovered that the Jio Fiber buyers will likewise get fixed line telephone administration, prior called Jio FixedVoice. At the AGM be that as it may, Ambani called the administration Jio Home Phone, and this marking is probably going to be what will be taken off financially. Jio FixedVoice otherwise known as Jio Home Phone was first seen back in April this year when the ISP was trying it with a predetermined number of GigaFiber purchasers. It has as of late begun the more extensive rollout of the landline administration to the current Jio Fiber clients.


During his AGM address, Mukesh Ambani repeated his unique guarantee. And said that the Jio Fiber clients will just need to pay for a solitary administration. Information – and they will get the landline administration, Jio Home Phone, for nothing. In spite of the fact that the voice calls will be free inside India, Jio Fiber clients should buy their own landline gear. The organization is just giving a Jio Fiber switch gadget in which the landline hardware is associated.

In this article, we investigate how a Jio Fiber clients can enact JioFixedVoice otherwise known as Jio Home Phone and utilize the landline administration.

  • How existing Jio Fiber clients can initiate Jio Home Phone landline administration
  • The current Jio Fiber clients can initiate Jio Home Phone by heading off to the MyJio application. Pursue these means:
  • Open the MyJio application on your cell phone and select. The Jio GigaFiber account (truly, the organization is as yet alluding to Jio Fiber as Jio GigaFiber in the application).
  • Tap on the revive choice, after which a spring up window. It will show up and will direct you through the actuation procedure.
  • During the procedure, Jio will send an OTP to your enrolled portable number.
  • When you have entered the OTP, the Jio Home Phone landline administration will be initiated for your Jio Fiber association.

Reliance Jio will likewise designate a number for the landline administration. That can be utilize by others to call you or will appear for others when you call them. Subsequent to completing the procedure on the MyJio application. Interface your landline gadget utilizing RJ11 telephone link to the accessible port on the back of your Jio Fiber switch.

Jio Fiber Commercial Launch Date and Other Announcements at Reliance AGM

New Jio Fiber clients won’t have to initiate the Jio FixedVoice otherwise. Known as Jio Home Phone landline administration as it will as of now be enact in their record. They will get a landline number at the hour of Jio Fiber establishment itself.

Step by step instructions to utilize Jio Home Phone without a physical landline

Like how Reliance Jio permits JioFi clients to make telephone calls utilizing an application on their cell phone, the organization is likewise permitting the Jio Fiber clients to make considers utilizing their cell phones. The administration will take a shot at your cell phone without a SIM card too since it utilizes your Jio Fiber broadband administration to put the call.

Jio Fiber supporters utilize the JioCall on Android application to place or get calls by means of their cell phones. It is the equivalent application that was before known as Jio4GVoice on Android is as yet known by a similar name on iOS. The JioCall application will likewise let Jio Fiber uses place a video call, something that is preposterous by means of ordinary landline gear.

  • To utilize JioCall with your Jio Fiber association, you should arrange your JioFixedVoice number into the application. Pursue these means:
  • During the setup procedure, the application will give you three alternatives – Mobile, JioFi, and Fixed. Pick the Fixed alternative and enter subtleties.
  • The JioCall application will at that point send an OTP to your enrolled number. Enter this OTP to complete the setup.
  • When the setup is finished, the JioCall application can be utilized to place or get calls.
  • The application demonstrates every one of your contacts. To put a call, tap on a contact and the application will offer two alternatives – Fixed line call or Fixed video call – select the choice you need and the application will put the call.





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