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LG’s new 140-inch 4K laser projector is actually cheaper than its OLED TVs

LG’s new 140-inch 4K laser projector is actually cheaper than its OLED TVs

LG’s new 140-inch 4K laser projector is actually cheaper than its OLED TVs

For people who need the greatest screen for minimal measure of cash, HD projectors have consistently offered a financially savvy arrangement – they offer a ton of screen land for not a ton of cash.

Shockingly the equivalent hasn’t been valid for 4K projectors that, until as of late, have cost essentially more than their TV partners.

In any case, LG could change that with its new 4K HDR projector that will retail for not exactly the expense of its 65-inch OLED TV.


LG 4L Lazer Projector

The new projector – the LG HU70LA – guarantees an image up to 140 creeps in addition to HDR support, WebOS 4.5, and TruMotion, LG’s movement control innovation, just for $1,799 (around £1,440, AU$2,600).

To place that number in context, LG’s new 65-inch C9 OLED costs $2,499 (£2,799, AU$5,589), which means the HU70LA will offer 75-inches more screen for around $700 less.

The disadvantage here is that the projector just puts out around 1,500 lumens – around 400ish nits of brilliance in the event that you contrasted it with a TV – and will require a touch of room to accomplish that most extreme screen size. In the event that you need a ultra short toss projector and higher splendor you’ll need to step up to the new LG HU85LA that sells for $6,000 (around £4,860, AU$8,750).


How does a 4K projector contrast with a 4K TV?

There are a few upsides and downsides about both presentation innovations, yet the most evident preferred position is that TVs are generally more brilliant and offer better differentiate, while projectors offer a bigger screen size.

Without seeing the LG HU70LA alongside the LG C9 OLED it’s hard to look at the two, however dependent on the specs, it appears to be likely that the above would remain constant here, as well.

What makes this news energizing, in any case, is that we’re at long last contrasting one type with it’s logical counterpart as far as cost and execution. Before we could just contrast 4K TVs with projectors that would cost a few fold the amount, or contrast 4K TVs with HD projectors. We’re presently at a point where we can contrast a 4K projector with a 4K TV.






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