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Xiaomi has been known for propelling an enormous assortment of items in every one of the classes in China, for example, the Mi Shoes, Mi T-Shirt and that’s just the beginning, however Xiaomi doesn’t present to them all to India and rather just dispatches those items which they think will command the market. Xiaomi has been promptly bringing different Mi TV models in India since the start of 2019 and these offered some astonishing details at modest costs. Mi TV additionally brought highlights which even top of the line TV’s, for example, the OnePlus TV didn’t have at the hour of dispatch, for example, support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the sky is the limit from there.

They refreshed their TV range to Android 9.0 Pie TV OS and these all in all have helped Xiaomi see an extraordinary improvement in the Market Share of Q3 2019, and these reports by means of IDC assist us with getting a thought on it.


IDC Smart Home Device Quarterly Report: Q3 2019

As indicated by the IDC’s Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker reports for Q3 2019. The Mi TV has effectively kept up their lead for the six sequential quarters by accomplishing. A gigantic 33 percent piece of the overall industry in India. Samsung sits alongside Mi by guaranteeing a 14 percent piece of the overall industry. LG comes next with a 13 percent piece of the pie where Sony just gets a 10 percent piece of the overall industry in India. Different organizations like TCL come next in the rundown with a piece of the pie of around 9 percent.

The Mi TV Series has seen a Quarter-on-Quarter (Q-o-Q) development of 46 percent. And a challenging Year-on-Year (Y-o-Y) development of 69 percent in India. These reports likewise flaunt a reality that Mi TV is around 19 percent. Higher in piece of the overall industry than Samsung. 20 percent more noteworthy than LG and Sony and around 24 percent from TCL.



In an Interview Raghu Reddy, Head Categories and Online Sales. Xiaomi India said “Our TVs have consistently maintained the center way of thinking of giving a substance first. And reliable involvement in an emphasis on India. It’s PatchWall 2.0 gives more than 7 lakh long stretches of substance in 16+ dialects, 18+ substance accomplices. And live news,”. Around 85 percent of the Mi TV’s which are sold in India are made in India accentuating. More on segment gathering in India.


“… alongside bringing top notch keen TVs, we keep on concentrating on assembling in India. Our disconnected extension has likewise assumed a major job in supporting our administration. We are appreciative to all our Mi Fans who have been our consistent help in the MiTV venture, and helped us improve it every day,” Reddy included.

Xiaomi has an enormous assortment’s of Mi TV’s to offer in India. With the fundamental models of these Mi TVs start from Rs 13,000 for the Mi TV 32-inches and the most premium model goes up as high as Rs 65,999 for the Mi TV 4X 65-inches, and this is the least expensive 65-inch savvy TV that you can as of now purchase in India.

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