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PlayKeyboard – Create a Theme, Emojis, Shortcuts

PlayKeyboard Create a Theme Emojis Shortcuts - PlayKeyboard - Create a Theme, Emojis, Shortcuts - Telugu Tech World

PlayKeyboard Create a Theme Emojis Shortcuts - PlayKeyboard - Create a Theme, Emojis, Shortcuts - Telugu Tech WorldThe more you use, the easier it gets. Search and translation are available on the keyboard.
You also can use stickers or your own drawings.
Take a look at NAVER SmartBoard, a keyboard app that just fits you.

Finally Arrived! Keyboard that Reacts to you
• Cute characters live with you inside the keyboard!
• “I’m happy when you’re happy… ꒰⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝꒱ ” keyboard reacts to my word!
• laughs with you when typing ‘lol’, dances lovely when typing ‘love’

Take ‘anything’ you want  DIY Keyboard !
• Download, share ‘anytheme’ you want!
• 200+ themes ready for you
• Decorate keyboard with your Bae! Custom Image and GIFS inside Keyboard! ????

Not only Beautiful  but also Convenient
• Shortcuts : Type ‘lolol’ by single click
• Boilerplate : Touch only once to type any frequently used words!
• Text – emojis : (~˘▾˘)~ Trendy text-emojis only for you ~(˘▾˘~)

1. It gests smarter as you use it.
You can use suggestions from SmartBoard such as words, corrections, or emojis.
Custom texts help you enter long sentences each with a single tap while Quick Keys let your favorite shortened phrases stay in a single key.
You can not only change Korean syllables to Chinese characters but also type with your voice.

2. Search while you keep texting
You don’t have to switch to a search app during a conversation.
Finding information of restaurants, movies, weather, and shopping has never been easier.
Stay where you are and get things done!

3. Real-time translation as you type in.
Don’t be afraid of texting or emailing with foreigners any more.
Just type in Korean and SmartBoard does the rest translating into English, Chinese (Simplified), or Japanese using N2MT technology.
Using voice recognition while translating is even useful.

4. A single image wins the speech.
Sometimes it’s a lot better to show a picture than to describe in words.
Send stickers, gifs, and your own drawings either on a empty canvas or pictures in gallery!

5. Customize your keyboard
Accustomed to a certain Korean layout? SmarBoard supports major Korean layouts such as “2-set Korean”, “Danmoum”, “Cheonjiin”, “Naratgul”, and “Vega”.
You also can set any images for the keyboard background.


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