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PUBG Lite Update Brings Lite Pass Season 2, New Currencies, 4v4 Game Mode

PUBG Lite Update Brings Lite Pass Season 2, New Currencies, 4v4 Game Mode

PUBG Lite Update Brings Lite Pass Season 2, New Currencies, 4v4 Game Mode

PUBG Lite has gotten a monstrous new update that presents the Lite Pass Season 2. Two extra in-game monetary forms, and another 4v4 game mode to give some examples improvements. Fix notes for the most recent PUBG Lite update are currently live. The PUBG Lite update additionally brings two new missions, another thing store, a TDM profession record with a far reaching ongoing interaction accomplishments database, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Beside new Season 2 difficulties and prizes, there are a ton of bug fixes too, and a large group of new strategic have likewise been included with the update.


New Currencies

The PUBG Lite update presents two new in-game monetary standards – Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet. Concerning the conversion scale, four Chicken Medals can be utilize to buy a solitary box. They can be obtained from the every day login, Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium prizes. Also hallenge missions, day by day missions, PUBG Lite playday on ends of the weel. Cartons bought with BP (Battle Points), and network.


The Silver Bullet Store is the place players can reclaim their Silver Bullets

With respect to the Silver Bullet cash, it very well may be accomplished when a skin thing is reject. They can be utilize to buy things from the new Silver Bullet Store. The quantity of Silver Bullets players can get relies upon the foundation shade of a thing. With dark foundation things netting 10 silver shots, while things with a coral foundation. Will give a greatest 500 Silver Bullets on being reject.


Light Pass Season 2

PUBG Lite new update commences the Lite Pass Season 2 that will be live for a term of about two months. It will end on December 5, in any case, players will get a beauty period augmentation until December 12 to guarantee their prizes. Aside from day by day missions, week after week missions last will begin each Thursday. While Beginner, Premium (just for players who have bought a Lite Pass: Premium), and Challenge Missions will be accessible for the whole length of Season 2.


PUBG Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium Plus open more missions, rewards, and so forth.

Another 4v4 game mode called BODIE has been include for players. As a component of the Challenge Missions, nearby the UMP45 mode. Season 2 likewise presents new strategic, for example, vaulting, wrecking tires, breaking windows, utilizing acts out. Decimating entryways, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Endurance Title System Season 2 and Career Record

Another Survival Title System has likewise been start with. The PUBG Lite Season 2 update beginning October 10, and it will be accessible until December 12. Following is a table that subtleties the Survival point prizes dependent on levels.


The reward level movement in PUBG Lite landing with Season 2

With PUBG Lite’s new 4v4 mode additionally comes another profession record framework for monitoring player’s interactivity accomplishments and insights. When a player has finished in excess of 20 matches in the 4v4 mode, they can check records, for example, matches played, win rate. Murder streak, KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) proportion, exactness, headshots, and the sky is the limit from there.

PUBG Lite’s most recent update likewise presents a large group of bug fixes that are recorded beneath:

  • Fixed an issue where the point of the degree would end up straightforward because of weapon crash.
  • Fixed an issue where it was conceivable to enter a divider under a specific scaffold in Sanhok.
  • Found out an issue where matchmaking would drop in the wake of displaying a spring up message.
  • Fixed an issue where punch sounds could be heard stronger than proposed crosswise over various floors in a structure.
  • Fixed an issue where the surface of the delicate top UAZ back wheels would not show appropriately.





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