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PUBG Mobile devs write letter to players about their fight against hackers

PUBG Mobile devs write letter to players about their fight against hackers

PUBG Mobile devs write letter to players about their fight against hackers

The engineers of PUBG Mobile have consistently been open about their battle against programmers. They consistently boycott crowds of players who use cheats and hacks to get a preferred position. What’s more, presently the designers have composed a letter to its fans clarifying and addressing questions. The assortment of these inquiries incorporate whenever paid programmers are prohibited to how to report one. It is entirely broad and here’s the manner by which the letter goes.


Programmers get the boycott container

For some time presently we’ve been attempting to improve our Cheating Detection. And these endeavors have truly begun to hold up under organic product. Therefore, we needed to give all of you a more profound investigate. What we have been doing, just as some future activities. We’re dealing with to keep on making your interactivity all the more reasonable and free of programmers. Most by far of your kindred players are straightforward and make a solid effort to get their successes. And con artists are disappointing and goading for us all.

Regular hacking legends (that aren’t valid)

Truth: Money spent in PUBG MOBILE has no effect on discipline for deceiving. There is a zero resistance arrangement for deceiving paying little mind to the amount you spend. We have restricted probably the most noteworthy spenders in PUBG MOBILE who have been found tricking. Everybody is equivalent in such manner.

Legend: VIP Hacks mean you’ll never get captured.

Truth: All programmers can be gotten, paying little respect to what means they use to swindle. There are no secure approaches to swindle. While the individuals who make bamboozling programming would adore for individuals to accept there is no hazard, this isn’t valid.

Fantasy: People from XXXX nation are on the whole con artists.

Truth: There are miscreants from each nation, yet most players from each nation are straightforward.

Fantasy: Tencent makes cash off cheats

Truth: We detest miscreants to such an extent if not more. Than you do and could never successfully support con artists. We take colossal pride in the game we chip away at consistently, and con artists devalue the majority of our work. We’re doing everything conceivable. To keep con artists out of our game however much as could reasonably be expected, and many colleagues are devoted to this assignment.

Truth: Bans happen continually, continuously, when we identify a miscreant. This can be in a match, or after an audit of information shows that somebody was for sure duping.


How PUBG Mobile gets miscreants and programmers

So what actions are we taking to get miscreants? Tencent has a phenomenal Game Security Team that is always working nonstop to screen, recognize. And evacuate con artists in game. The main line of guard against tricking is our frameworks that output for suspect programming and changed game information. Most tricking programming is genuinely simple to spot, as we have a huge library of bamboozling programming. And methods that enable us to get programmers decently fast. We’re continually adjusting these location endeavors as we find out about new programming and new techniques, and this solitary gets increasingly powerful after some time. This is the most straightforward approach to get miscreants, and one that we are always improving.


In a perfect world the above arrangement would be adequate, and we could consider it daily. In any case, new programming is continually being created, and the individuals who make. This product are really smart at discovering approaches to shroud it. So we need a second line of resistance to stop the programmers who have figured. Out how to keep away from discovery. Since this is a touchy territory we will need to keep this somewhat ambiguous, since. We would prefer not to give programmers data they can use to make it harder to get them!



Basically, our second line of resistance is searching for outlandish occasions in game, since tricking leaves obvious marks. There are shots you could make on the off chance that you are fortunate, and there are shots that actually can’t be made however some way or another associate. That is a con artist. On the off chance that you drop in Pochinki, you can’t be at the Military Base 30 seconds after the fact. That is a con artist. So regardless of whether we can’t recognize the careful hack con artists are utilizing, we can distinguish them through these strategies. On the off chance that they cheat, their conduct will give them away.

Now and again our frameworks distinguish somebody as a plausible con artist, however we can’t get very enough proof through game information to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is particularly valid for the most skilled players in game, who draw off some stuff that appears as though it’s tricking in any event, when it’s presumably not. For sketchy situations where we have valid justification to presume that somebody is conning however can’t demonstrate it, we can utilize the last strategy in our arms stockpile: In-game Observation. This is exceptionally labor serious, yet our pledge to getting each con artist we can is solid.



Those aren’t all that we are doing, there’s more we can’t discuss on the grounds that we don’t need the miscreants to realize how we’re getting them. In all cases, your reports genuinely help. Reports can assist us with overhauling our backend frameworks to recognize tricking all the more rapidly and precisely. It can assist us with recognizing players who we think of deceiving, and get an eyewitness on them. Reports accompany huge amounts of information in game that isn’t noticeable in a screen capture or video that can demonstrate without question that conning is happening.


A programmer report story

Our people group lead, Ocho, is a really enthusiastic player of PUBG MOBILE, despite the fact that not the most gifted. The person hit him with a short shower from well past 100m with a 416, insta-thump, and quickly lined it up with another short splash to thump his residual colleague that crated them two. After he revealed the player in game, Ocho chose to spectate the executioner in his exemplary rage.

Ocho and his colleagues had descended an unprotected slope, and the other player had 2 great yet fortunate blasts that removed them from the game. Ocho watched him set up traps, gatekeep successfully, pick spots individuals were probably going to travel through, and use landscape to further his potential benefit. The person was precise, yet he missed shots like any other person.


Ways not to recognize a programmer

Here are several inquiries that we should pose to ourselves about when considering on the off chance that somebody is a programmer:

– Is the shot unimaginable or simply unlikely?

One of the PMCO Spring Split’s astonishing minutes was a 300m+ headshot with a small scale 14 by a SSG player. The shot was great, yet at that range you should be fortunate as well. He wasn’t duping, he simply had an extraordinary mix of karma and aptitude. A great deal of “outlandish” shots aren’t really inconceivable, they simply feel like it.

– Could slack or parcel misfortune issues potentially contribute?

Ordinarily we’ve seen reports of individuals shooting through dividers, and when we audit the video the individual is evading all through view behind an impediment. In case you’re almost a window, that is a genuine plausibility.

– Is the activity deliberate?

We’ve all observed uncommon bugs that happen where something odd occurs in the game. One we’ve seen is an uncommon issue where something in game has issues with its Z-pivot position and seems to hop over and again noticeable all around, typically a cruiser however some of the time a vehicle. This can happen to players as well, so they’ll appear to jump into the air too high again and again. In the event that it’s not deliberate, it may very well be a bug. On the off chance that it some way or another gets the player a favorable position, it’s more probable it’s genuine bamboozling.

– Is my proof for the most part from Spectate Mode?

Spectate Mode is incredible, it gives us a chance to watch other individuals’ ongoing interaction and become familiar with a ton about how others play or cheer on companions. In any case, while Spectate mode is normally truly exact, it isn’t as precise as playing the game yourself. Potential slack issues are increased as you’re watching something affected correspondences among you and the server, yet in addition between that player and the server. Once in a while you may see that individuals’ line of sight aren’t absolutely on the objective when you see hit markers springing up, demonstrating that.

Spectate Mode is marginally off around then. In increasingly outrageous cases a player’s position might be progressively twisted, making it seem as though they are shooting through strong items. Understanding the confinements of Spectate Mode unquestionably recognizes programmers (or non programmers) more effec







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