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PUBG update 5.2 adds Spike Trap, PUBG Labs and Vikendi update

PUBG update 5.2 adds Spike Trap, PUBG Labs and Vikendi update

PUBG update 5.2 adds Spike Trap, PUBG Labs and Vikendi update

There’s another PUBG update 5.2 which adds more highlights to Season 5 of the game. It includes a great deal of first time highlights to the game. One of the most remarkable things that are being add to the game this time is the Spike traps. Other than this there is the new PUBG Labs where players will have the option to play trial modes that are really taking shape. PUBG’s snow map, Vikendi is getting some affection from the designers and they are switching things up a tad to make it more player inviting. What’s more, over that Vikendi is being made more Sniper amicable.

PUBG update 5.2: Details


Spike Trap

Spike Traps cut the feels burnt out on any vehicle that runs over the portion of spikes. A Spike Trap can just harm one vehicle before it vanishes. Spike Traps cut the feels burnt out on vehicles, yet don’t harm generally speaking vehicle wellbeing. Spike Traps are produce at rates reliable with different throwables over all maps. When a Spike Trap is laid, it can’t lift back up.



PUBG Labs is where we acquaint with you exploratory in-game highlights and gather your input to consummate them as perpetual game increases. Players can discover PUBG Labs in the menu under the Play button. PUBG Labs will keep on being refresh with new substance. Expertise Based Rating is the current trial include being try through PUBG Labs, following your ability and doling out you a rating dependent on your match exhibitions.


Vikendi Update

New streets have been add to diminish the trouble of traveling through certain snow-shrouded regions of Vikendi. Alongside the streets included, the measure of vehicles over the guide have expanded and areas balanced. The stream around Castle has solidified over to enable players to explore that region all the more effectively. A couple of Vikendi’s towns were only here and there visited because of complex structures or insufficient plunder. These have been change by the devs.


Way Point highlight

The Way Point include has been add to enable you to make key arrangements for the courses you take. You can put up to 4 for each gathering of Way Points.


Auto connection highlight

Another element has been include that consequently outfits your weapon with the connections you get. Players can browse 3 sorts of auto connection choices. At the point when players switch your weapon with another weapon on the ground, every one of the connections prepared to the old weapon will naturally move to the enhanced one.






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