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Realme XT review

Realme XT review

Realme XT review

The Realme XT is coming hot on the impact points of the Realme 5 arrangement. And it’s standing out forever as the first cell phone to be discharged with a 64MP camera. Being a spin-off of the Realme X, the XT is pressing an AMOLED screen over an alluring glass plan, however it likewise acquires the quad-camera arrangement from the Realme 5.

We have abandoned attempting to make sense of how Realme is turning such a significant number of plates, however the creator is declaring telephones at an uncommon rate, while as yet figuring out how to put enough oddities on each new one to make it a commendable overhaul.


Realme XT audit

The Realme XT, while named as a successor to the X, is all the more a blend among it and the Realme 5 Pro. The XT keeps the Super AMOLED screen and cool glass configuration yet goes with a waterdrop indent for the selfie camera as opposed to a spring up module.

At that point, the XT has a similar Snapdragon 712 chip as the Realme 5 Pro, and a fundamentally the same as four-camera arrangement – a high-res essential, a 8MP ultrawide, a 2MP full scale, and a 2MP representation snappers. In any case, here comes the main event – the principle camera utilizes the new 64MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 Quad-Bayer sensor and that is among the biggest to ever make it to a cell phone, substantially less in this value extend.


Realme XT

The selfie camera has got an updgrade as well. It’s the equivalent 16MP Sony IMX471 sensor as on the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. We trust it will compensate for cutting a bit of that huge OLED screen.

Before we go on how about we investigate the Realme XT’s specs sheet.


Unpacking the Realme XT

The Realme XT has the to a great extent a similar retail bundle as the Realme 5 Pro. Which means you are in for a treat. The XT model comes stuffed with a 20W VOOC charger and the upgraded USB-C link required for the VOOC charging to work appropriately.

The XT retail box additionally contains a delicate straightforward case in the event. That you need to keep the back without scratch for whatever length of time that conceivable.

Gracious, the Realme XT likewise accompanies a production line connected (vert flimsy). Screen defender despite the fact that it is shaking a Gorilla Glass 5 over its OLED. We wish more makers do this as opposed to putting some advertising stickers.



The Realme XT is seemingly the most attractive cell phone the creator has done to date. The XT has a smooth structure without any inconveniences, solid form, and with minor features where it maters the most.


Realme XT audit

The Realme XT is the main double glass Realme – the producer has utilized two bits of Gorilla Glass 5 by Corning. The front one is totally level, while the back is twisted towards the more extended edges. Barely any mid-officers get Gorilla glass boards for insurance, not to mention two of them.


Realme XT Display

The Realme XT has a 6.4″ Super AMOLED screen at the front with very slender bezels. This is a takeoff from the 6.53″ AMOLED board on the Realme X for two reasons – it’s somewhat littler and has a waterdrop-like pattern.

The AMOLED screen looks splendid and punchy, and keeping in mind that its evenness. May remove a portion of the top notch looks contrasted with leads it really offers better grasp.

The Realme XT has an optical under-show unique mark sensor that is expedient and pleasantly precise. The sensor lights up after picking the telephone or when you remove it from your pocket or handbag, and it opens instantly upon effective acknowledgment. Without the screen defender the peruser couldn’t be backed off notwithstanding when the glass was all smudgy. Yet a smirched defender takes from its unwavering quality. So you ought to consider stripping it off on the off chance that you discover the presentation lacking.


Display Protection

The selfie camera got a decent update, so we may excuse Realme for that step all things considered. The organization has settled on the 16MP Sony IMX471 sensor – that is a similar camera behind the OnePlus 7 arrangement front snappers. We’ve just observed it does extraordinary, so we have elevated standards for the XT, as well.

Presently, we should turn the Realme XT over – the bended Gorilla Glass 5 on our Pearl While model looks actually stunningly. It has a dominatingly white tint, yet on account of some extra layers the entire thing reflects light and changes hues in a cool manner, rainbow-like is most likely the nearest way we can portray it.



The quad-camera sits on a goliath bump in the upper left corner. The vertically adjusted arrangement contains the 8MP snapper with ultrawide focal point, the 64MP essential shooter, the 2MP profundity sensor (a.k.a. representation camera), and the 2MP large scale cam – in a specific order.

By and by, much the same as on the Realme 5, the creator put these cool yellow rings went with the 64MP engraving on an inappropriate camera. It improves on the top, sure, however despite everything it doesn’t bode well.



The shading proliferation is better than average out of the case with enthusiastic however not very precise hues. We gauged a normal deltaE of 4.9 against DCI-P3 shading space and a greatest deviation of 8.8 at point White. To be sure, the white and dim tones noticeably moved towards blue in the default show setting.

Setting this slider to the hottest choice yields marginally better outcomes – normal deltaE of 4.1 and a diminished yet at the same time present somewhat blue tint.


Battery life

The Realme XT has a bulky 4,000mAh battery – basically a similar limit as the Realme 5 Pro’s and marginally bigger than Realme X’s. The XT underpins VOOC 3.0 quick charging and its crate contains both the 20W charger and the restrictive USB-C link required for VOOC to work. This pair refills about half of the Realme XT’s drained battery in 30 mins, while a full charge takes 80 to 90 mins.

The Realme XT aced our battery light test – it timed north of 16 hours of video playback and 13 hours of perusing the web over Wi-Fi. We likewise estimated over a day of 3G voice calls. What’s more, including the productive backup execution we got a phenomenal in general Endurance rating of 100 hours.

At the point when contrasted with the Realme X, the XT improved in both screen-on tests however it demonstrated a noteworthy improvement in backup execution.

Our battery tests were mechanized gratitude to SmartViser, utilizing its viSerDevice application. The continuance rating above signifies to what extent a solitary battery charge will last you in the event that you utilize the Realme XT for an hour every one of communication, web perusing, and video playback day by day. We’ve built up this utilization design with the goal that our battery results are similar crosswise over gadgets in the most well-known everyday assignments. The battery testing method is depicted in detail on the off chance that you’re keen on the quick and dirty. You can look at our total battery test table, where you can perceive how the majority of the cell phones we’ve tried will think about under your very own average use.


Sound quality

The Realme XT’s exhibition with an outer speaker was model, conveying immaculate scores start to finish and at high tumult as well.

Earphones negatively affected stereo partition and included some intermodulation bending, in addition to they dropped the volume to just average. The exhibition is pretty much in accordance with the Realme 5 Pro and not too bad at the cost range, however scarcely fantastic generally.


Shading OS 6 and Android 9, Realme version

The Realme XT runs Oppo’s most recent Color OS 6 over Android 9.0 – a combo we’ve just observed on the Realme X just as the 3 and 5 families. Realme likes to point this is Color OS 6 Realme release, yet now there’s little to separate it from what Oppo utilizes on its telephones.

Shading OS 6 by and large rotates around a light shading plan with the settings menu utilizing a white scenery with light shading accents and angles.

Enrolling a unique finger impression takes some time, however that is a sensible cost to pay for its extraordinary presentation after. When enacted it lights up the minute you get the gadget of haul it out of your pocket and is as quick and precise as the traditional scanners.

You can likewise set up face open notwithstanding or rather than unique mark security. However since it just utilizes a customary camera it’s far mediocre compared to the fingerprints as far as security. There’s a choice that you can set to require your eyes to be open for the telephone to open to include some additional security, yet it can in any case be deceived.





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