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taptap - TAPTAP Mobile Application - Telugu Tech World

taptap - TAPTAP Mobile Application - Telugu Tech WorldIf you live in an Asian country and are looking for a store with popular games from your continent, TapTap is a easy way to find something adapted to your needs, as this tool offers a huge range of content in languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This allows you to download the latest releases in your native language without having to search for a file with the desired language, making it easier to find the content you’re looking for in a specific language.

TapTap also has a search engine that allows you to discover new games designed for you and browse the catalog according to your tastes and preferences. And with TapTap’s related apps feature you’ll be able to find a great game quickly and easily.

Download dozens of popular Asian games and enjoy your favorite apps in your language without having to search the internet for a language file.

You’ll obviously come across games of the likes of PUBG, now a global hit, but you’ll also have access to a wide range of arcade, adventure, puzzle or role-playing games, to name just a few categories that you probably hadn’t even heard about. And you’ll do so with an app that behaves just like an alternative application store to Google Play and from which you can download the APKs of the games, letting the app take care of installing and updating them.

These are the main features and functions of this app store for Android games:

  • Explore games by categories.
  • Check the rankings and find out which are the trendiest titles.
  • Download the editor’s picks.
  • Manage your downloaded games from your user area.
  • Manage the update of all your downloads from the app.
  • Read the opinions of other users.
  • Use the built-in search engine to find whatever you’re looking for



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