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Telegram Crosses 1 Billion Downloads With Largest India Market

Telegram Crosses 1 Billion Downloads

According to Sensing unit High rise, the popular instant messaging app Telegram has signed up with the cream of the crop nightclub of apps that have been downloaded and installed over 1 billion times around the globe.

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Telegram Crosses 1 Billion Downloads
Telegram Crosses 1 Billion Downloads

The Dubai-headquartered application, launched in late 2013, surpassed the landmark on Friday, the mobile understanding company told TechCrunch. As is the situation and the app’s chief competitor, WhatsApp, India is the largest market. The app’s installs accelerated in 2021, reaching 214.7 thousand installs in the 1st half of 2021, up 61% year-over-year from 133 thousand in H1 2020,” is incorporated.

It costs noting that the lot of installs doesn’t correspond to the app’s active userbase. Telegram had Five hundred thousand regular monthly active users as of early this year. But the rise in downloads, which coincides with WhatsApp’s poor managing of delivering its own privacy policies to its own extensive userbase, nevertheless recommends that has delighted in some added focus in the latest fourths.

Telegram, which previously this year raised over $1 billion, is the fifteenth application worldwide to have been downloaded and install 1 billion opportunities or even more, Sensing unit Tower said to TechCrunch. Various other apps on the list include WhatsApp, Carrier, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify and Netflix, depending on to Sensing unit High rise. (Mobile research companies don’t track the installs of most Google apps that come pre-installed on Android units.).

Telegram failed to reply to any ask for comment quickly.

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