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What will Google call Android Q?



True to form, Google reported more insights concerning the following rendition of Android, probably called “Android Q,” at its yearly I/O engineer gathering.

Champion highlights in the product update incorporate help for foldable telephones and solidified security controls. Every single beneficial thing, yet what everybody truly needs to know is what the Q will rely on.

Android Q

On the off chance that Google pursues past Android naming plans, the Q will represent some sort of sweet. Android P represented Pie, Android O for Oreo, Android N for Nougat, and so on.

Be that as it may, what will the Q depend on? We did some Googling and, truly, there aren’t despite a ton of pastries that begin with the letter.

The following is a rundown Mashable’s tech journalists pulled together, from what we feel has a decent opportunity to names that aren’t likely by any means. That is to say, some of them aren’t even sweets.

  • Android Quiche
  • Android Quince
  • Android Quesadilla
  • Android Quaker Oats
  • Android Queijadinha
  • Android Quesito
  • Android Quark
  • Android Quail Egg
  • Android Quinoa
  • Android Queso

Is it accurate to say that we are missing something? What will Google call Android Q when it turns out in the not so distant future?