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WhatsApp alert: Don’t send GIFs until you update app to avoid security risk

WhatsApp alert- Don't send GIFs until you update app to avoid security risk

WhatsApp alert- Don't send GIFs until you update app to avoid security risk

WhatsApp is the world’s most utilized informing stage that interfaces billions of individuals consistently. The pervasiveness of WhatsApp likewise makes it powerless against assaults from programmers. WhatsApp has regularly bragged about the security includes the stage yet there have been reports about ruptures and assaults. Prior in the year, a WhatsApp bug.



The powerlessness has been recognize by Facebook and has been fix in WhatsApp form 2.19.244. The organization has requested that clients update their WhatsApp ambassador to the new form to remain safe from the bug. The security escape clause was by “technologist and data security devotee” Awakened on Github.

The new WhatsApp bug depends on an assailant sending the destructive GIF document to a client by means of any channel, including email or some other informing stage. When the GIF is on the gadget, the assault gets activate by just opening the media display inside WhatsApp. “Since WhatsApp shows sneak peaks of each medium (counting the GIF record got), it will trigger the twofold free bug and our RCE abuse,” the security specialist clarified.


Gif Problem

The twofold free bug calls a similar memory address twice, bringing about a memory spill. Which in the end crashes the application or opens the weakness. The defenselessness, in any case, has been fixed for WhatsApp adaptation 2.19.244 and works just till the variant 2.19.230. “The endeavor functions admirably until WhatsApp rendition 2.19.230. The weakness is authoritatively fixed in WhatsApp adaptation 2.19.244”, said the analyst on Github. The adventure additionally doesn’t deal with more seasoned Android adaptations, including Android 8 and underneath.

In the interim, in an announcement to The Next Web, WhatsApp stated, “the issue influences the client on the sender side, which means the issue could, in principle, happen when the client makes a move to send a GIF. The issue would affect their very own gadget.”

WhatsApp likewise affirmed that the bug “was account for and immediately tend to a month ago. We have no motivation to accept this influenced any clients however obviously, we are continually attempting to give the most recent security highlights to our clients.”







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