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Windows Print Nightmare Continues To Proceed With Malicious Driver Packages

windows - Windows Print Nightmare Continues To Proceed With Malicious Driver Packages - Telugu Tech World

Microsoft’s print headache proceeds with an additional example of how a threat actor can attain SYSTEM privileges by abusing malicious printer chauffeurs.


Last month, protection researchers mistakenly revealed a proof-of-concept make use of for the Windows PrintNightmare zero-day.

~CVE-2021-34527 is an absent permission check in the Windows Publish Spooler that enables mounting harmful print motorists to accomplish remote code execution or local advantage acceleration at-risk systems.


Microsoft launched an out-of-band KB5004945 safety and security update that was supposed to repair the vulnerability. Yet, security scientists rapidly identified that the spot could be bypassed under specific problems.

Nonetheless, Microsoft specified that their patches functioned as planned, and also as the vulnerability was being proactively made use of, suggested all Windows individuals install the update.


The print nightmare proceeds


The other day, protection scientist and Mimikatz developer Benjamin Delpy claimed he found a way to abuse Windows’ usual mounting printer drivers to acquire local SYSTEM opportunities with destructive printer drivers.


This strategy can be used even if admins applied Microsoft’s recommended reductions of restricting printer driver installation to admins and disabling Factor and Publish.



While this brand-new neighbourhood benefit escalation approach is not like the one frequently described PrintNightmare, Delpy told BleepingComputer that he thinks about similar printer driver instalment bugs to be classified under the same name.


In a conversation with BleepingComputer, Delpy clarified that despite reductions applied, a dangerous star could produce an authorized malicious print driver bundle and use it to achieve SYSTEM opportunities on other systems.

To do this, the hazard star would undoubtedly produce a harmful print driver and sign it, making use of a trusted Authenticode certificate using these steps.


Some hazard stars go for the “Rolls Royce” approach of signing motorists, taking an even or buy certification and then sending it for Microsoft WHQL recognition as a fake firm.



Once they have a signed printer driver plan, a risk actor can mount the driver on any other networked tool with administrative benefits.


Danger stars can then utilize this “pivot” device to acquire SYSTEM privileges on other tools where they do not have elevated opportunities merely by installing the harmful driver,


Delpy stated that this technique could assist risk stars spread side to side in an already compromised network.


To stop this assault, you can disable the print spooler or publish and allow the factor group policy to restrict the servers a device can download and install print vehicle drivers.


Nonetheless, allowing Point and Publish would enable PrintNightmare ventures to bypass the current patch from Microsoft.


When asked how Microsoft could avoid this kind of attack, Delpy mentioned that they tried to stop it in the past by deprecating version 3 printer motorists. Eventually, this created problems, and also Microsoft ended the v3 deprecation policy in June 2017.



Sadly, this approach will likely not be dealt with as Windows is intended to provide an admin to install a printer driver, even ones that might be unknowingly destructive. Windows is developed to enable non-admin customers to install authorized chauffeurs on their devices for convenience.


Instead, safety and security software will likely be the primary defence against attacks similar to this by discovering the malicious driver or behaviour.



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